120 Sikh baby boy names with letter R

120 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter R' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet and cool baby names. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names, listed with a Thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter R. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 30 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'R'.

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Name Meaning
Raj Kingdom; King; Secret; To Rule; Ruler; Origin
Ram Lord Rama; One who Pleases; The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha; The Hero of Mythology Called Ramayana; Pleasing; Charming; Obedient; Male Sheep
Ras Head; An Ethiopian Title; Loved; Desired; Sweet; Juice; Sentiments; Emotion
Rem First
Rus Juice; Elixir
Raam Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit
Raja King; Sand; Silvery; Emotion; Affection; Hope; Royal
Rana Joy; Jewel; To Gaze; Look; King; Warrior
Rann Battlefield
Rajan King; Lord Ganesha; Powerful; Best of the King
Rajni Night; Queen
Ranga Colourful
Ratan Precious Stone; Person Like a Diamond
Rawel Wise and Strong; A Flower
Ritam Sacred Action; Beautiful; Name of Lord Hanuman; Divine Truth
Rupak Sign; Feature; Beautiful
Raajaa King
Rajbir Superior; Warrior of the Kingdom; Brave King
Rajdev God's Kingdom
Rajesh King of Kingdom; God of Kings; Above the Wind; Born Leader; Lord of Kings; Emperor; Qualities of King
Rajpal The Protector King
Rajvir Brave King
Rambir Warrior of God
Ramdas Devotee of Ram; Servant of God
Ramdev Divine Rama
Ramjas Praises of Lord
Ramjog Union with God
Ramjot The Light of God
Rampal Protected by God
Ramras Elixir of Lord's Love
Ramtek Support of God
Ranbir Winner; Warrior of Battle; The Brave Warrior
Randev Lord of Battle
Ranjit Winner; Victorious; The Delighted One; One who is Entertained; The Conqueror of the Battle
Ranjot The Light of the Battlefield
Ranlok Soldier of the Battlefield
Rantej Fast Runner
Rantek Support of the Battlefield
Ranush Love of Living
Ranvir The Brave; Winner
Rasbir Drinking the Elixir of Courage
Rasgun One who Delights in the Elixir of Virtues
Rasgur One who Attains the Elixir of Enlightenment
Rasjog Union with Elixir of Naam
Rasjot Elixir of God's Light
Rasnam One who Drinks the Elixir of Lord's Name
Raunaq One who Lives in Splendour; Glitter
Ravjot Light of the Sun
Rhythm Music; In-sequence
Ripjot All of Love
Ruchit Bright; Shining; Pleasant
Rudhar God of Shiva
Rupbir Beautiful and Brave
Raftaar Speed
Rajbeer King; Kind and Happy
Rajdeep Best of Kings
Rajmeet Friendly King
Rajroop Embodiment of the King
Rajsukh Peaceful Kingdom
Rajveer The Warrior or Hero of the Kingdom; National Hero; Brave King; Known to be Polite
Rakhbir Brave Protector
Ramchet Remembering the Lord
Ramchit Remembering the Lord
Ramdeep Lamp of All Pervanding God
Ramdhan Having the Wealth of God
Ramgeet Song of God
Ramjeet The Winner of God's Love
Ramleen One Absorbed in God
Ramneek Pleasing Moment
Ramrang Imbued with God's Love
Ramroop God-like Person
Ramsukh Lord of Peace
Randeep The Hero of the Battle
Rangeet Songs of Battlefield
Rangjog One Coloured in the Union of God
Rangjot One Colored in the Union of God
Ranjeet Victor in Wars; The Delighted One; Victorious; One who is Entertains
Ranjeev Battle of Life
Ranjodh Victor; Warrior in Battle
Ranpaul Battlefield's Protector
Ranprem Love of Battlefield
Ransher The Lion of the Battlefield
Ranveer Winner; The Brave Warrior
Raschit Drinking the Elixir of Consciousness
Rasdaya Elixir of Compassion
Rasdeep Lamp of the Elixir
Raseela Entertaining; Soft-spoken
Rasleen One Absorbed in the Elixir of Naam
Rasprem Elixir of Love
Raswant Great Elixir
Raushan Light; Skylight; Bright; Famous Person; The Exalted
Raviraj King of Sun; Other Name for Sun; Lord Surya (Sun)
Ravneet Morality Like Sun
Ridharv Born Leader
Ritpaul Protector of Traditions
Roopbir Brave and Beauteous
Roopdev Lord of Beauty
Roopjot Beauteous Light
Rupwant Full of Beauty
Raagdeep Music and Lamp
Rachneet Absorbed in Creation
Raghubir Lord Rama
Rahuljit Victory for Rahul
Rajanbir Taking the Lead; Brave King
Rajanpal Protector of the King
Rajender Lord of Kings; Emperor
Rajindar Judge of Character; King of God
Rajinder Spontaneous; The Emperor; King of Kings
Rajkiran Light of King; Effective King; Light of Day
Rajnivas King's Abode; God's Side; Loyal; One Belief
Rajparam Duty Towards Life
Rajpreet King of Love
Rajratan Kingdom of Gems
Rajvansh From a King Family
Rakhnaam One whose Protector is Naam
Rakhwant Great Protector
Ramanbir Brave and Pleasant
Ramangun One Absorbed in Virtues
Ramanjit Victory of Beloved
Ramanjot Light of Beloved
Ramgiaan One Having All- Pervading Knowledge
Ramindar Absorbed in the Lord
Raminder Beloved God
Ramnivas One who Abides in Lord's Name
Rampiari God; Ram's Love which is Sita
Rampreet In Love with God
Ramrasan Imbued with God's Love
Rangleen Imbued in the Lord's Absorption
Rangnaam One Imbued by Naam
Rangroop Charm
Ranpreet Brave
Rapinder Lord of Beauty
Rasaatam One who Enjoys the Elixir of Bliss