120 Sikh baby boy names with letter R :02

120 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter R' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet and cool baby names. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names, listed with a Thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Find the other List for baby boy names starting with letter "R" here.Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter R. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 30 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'R'.

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Name Meaning
Rasamrit One Having the Highest Elixir
Rasanand Enjoying the Elixir of Bliss
Rasanbir Elixir of Courage
Rasanjot Elixir of Lord's Light
Rascheet One who Cherishes the Elixir of Naam
Rasparam Highest Elixir
Raspreet Elixir of Love
Rasraman One who Cherishes the Elixir of Naam
Rasuttam One Having the Highest Elixir
Ratanbir The Priceless Brave One
Ratanjot The Diamond of God's Light
Ravideep Light of the Sun
Ravijeet Victory of the Sun
Ravindar The God of Sun; Knowledge
Ravinder Sun; Beloved by All; Kind; Brave; Fierce Protector
Ravindra Sun of Son; Similar to Rama; Lord Surya (Sun)
Reetpaul Protector of Traditions
Regender Add Meaning
Ripanjot The First Light at the Horizon
Ripujeet Victor over the Enemy
Ritinder Lord of Traditions
Robinder Supreme Lord
Roopdeep Lamp of Beauty
Roopjeet Victory of Beauty
Roopmeet Friend of Beauty
Roopwant Very Beauteous
Rupinder Princess of Love; Victory of the God; Lord of the Form; Lord of Beauty
Rachanbir Brave and Creative
Rachanjot Light of Creation
Raghubans Relating to the Raghu Family
Raghujeet Victory of the Raghu Family
Rahuldeep Light of Rahul
Rajandeep Insightful Light; King's Lamp
Rajanjeet King's Victory; Victory of Land
Rajanmeet Friendly King
Rajanwant Complete King
Rajkirpal Kind King; Forgiving and Blessing
Rajsharan King's Shelter
Rajvinder Fearless; Warrior
Ramandeep Strong Person; Absorbed in the Light of Lord's Love
Ramanmeet Friendly Beloved
Ramanroop Embodiment of Beloved
Ramansukh Peaceful Beloved
Ramanveer My Heart Peace
Ramchetan One who is Aware of the Lord
Ramdharam Religion of Righteousness
Rameshbir Brave as the Lord
Rameshpal Protector of Lord
Ramjeevan Lord's Life
Rangaatam One Imbued by the Blissful Soul
Rangeevan Life Imbued with the Love of God
Rangpreet The Lover of God's Love
Rangraman One Coloured in God's Love
Rangratti Imbued in Colour of Love of God
Rasanjeet Victory with Lord's Elixir
Rasanmeet Friendly Elixir of the Lord
Rasbhagat One who Delights in Devotion to God
Raschetan One Aware of Elixir of Naam
Rasdharam Elixir of Righteousness
Rasjeevan One whose Life is Full of Elixir of Naam
Rasnivaas One who Resides in the Elixir of Lord's Name
Raswinder Lord's Elixir
Ratanchit Remembering the Gem of Soul
Ratandeep Precious Like God's Lamp
Ratangeet Song of Diamond; Soul
Ratanjeet Victory of the Gem
Ratanmeet Friendly Gem
Ratanvant A Person Full of Excellences
Rattanjot Flame of a Gem
Reetinder Lord of Traditions
Rimandeep Light of Beloved
Rohandeep Lovely
Roopindar God of Beauty
Rooppreet Beautiful; Lovely
Rachanjeet Victory of Creation
Rachanmeet Friend of Creation
Raghupreet Love for the Raghu Family
Rahulpreet Love of Rahul
Rajanpreet King's Love
Rajprateek Rule on Silence
Rakhwinder Lord of Protection
Ramanpreet Love of Beloved; Love of Merriment
Rameenajit Victory of Beloved
Rameshdeep Lord's Lamp
Rameshmeet Lord's Friend
Rampraksah Light of God
Ramvichaar One who Reflects on God
Rangprabhu One Imbued with the Love of God
Rangseetal Imbued with Cooling Peace
Rasanpreet Love for the Lord's Elixir
Rasdheeraj Elixir of Patience and Peace
Rashpinder Love
Rasteerath Elixir of the Holy Soul
Ratanaatam Gem of Soul
Ratangiaan One with Divine Knowledge
Ratankaram One whose Actions are Gem-like
Ratanpreet Love for the Gem
Rattandeep Lamp of a Gem
Raushanbir Brave and Famous
Raushanpal Famous Protector
Rickwinder Lord of Protection
Rishwinder Lord Rishi
Roshandeep Lighted Lamp
Rachanpreet Love for Creation
Rajdevinder Brightest Candle of Light; Kingdom of Lord
Rajinderbir Challenger; Warrior of the King
Rajinderdev Lord of the King; The True Path; Remover of Obstacles
Rameshinder Lord of Lords
Rameshpreet Love for Lord
Raminderbir Brave God
Raminderjot Light of the Beloved God
Rangteerath Imbued with the Love of Soul
Ranjeetsing The Conqueror of the Battle; Winner; Victorious; The Delighted One
Ranjeetsinh The Conqueror of the Battle
Ratanchetan Gem of Awareness
Ratanjeevan Diamond Like Life
Raushandeep Famous Lamp
Raushanjeet Famous Victory
Raushanprem Love for Fame
Ravinderbir Brave as the Lord Sun
Ravinderjot Light of the Lord Sun
Ritinderpal Protector of Traditions
Rajindermeet Alongside the Lord; Friendly King
Rajinderprem King's Love
Raminderjeet Victory of the Beloved God
Ratanprakash Light of Gem
Raushanpreet Love for Fame
Ravinderdeep Lamp of the Lord Sun
Ravindermeet Friend of the Lord Sun
Rupinderjeet Victory of Beauty
Raminderpreet Love for the Beloved God
Ravinderpreet Love for the Lord Sun