125 Malayalam baby boy names starting with Sh

Baby names beginning with Sh . THis page has a list of cute malayalam (mallu) baby boy names beginning with Sh. Other list of Malayalam baby names for boys beginning with 'Sh' can be found in this page . Kerala People, parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Kerala Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 125 baby boy names with the name starting as -'SH'.

Scroll and find the Malayalam baby boy names starting with letter "SH".

Name Meaning
Shay Gift; Hawk-like; Eagle; Sharp
Shiv Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky
Shuk A Parrot
Shaan Famous; Pride; Respected; Peaceful
Shail Mountain; Sea Shore
Shami Fire; Husband; Cold; Name of a Tree
Shams Fragrance; With Faith; A Planet; Sun
Shari Arrow
Sharu Lord Vishnu
Sheil Mountain
Shesh Cosmic Serpent
Shibi King; Ornamental Ridge-end Tile; Ornamental
Shiju Worthless; Best Person; Intelligent; Worthy
Shlok Prayer; Saints Saying; Verse Sound Praise; God's Prey; Mantras in Vedas
Shoor Valiant
Shray Credit
Shree Sign of Wealth / Richness; Lord Krishna
Shrey Credit; Marvellous
Shubh Good; Fortunate; Happy
Shuna Lord Indra
Shyam Dark Blue; Black; Lord Krishna
Shaant Peace and Calm
Shabar Nectar; Honey
Shadab Fresh; Nectar
Shagun Auspicious
Shahun Water; Truth
Shajin Add Meaning
Shakti Power
Shalik A Sage
Shalin Modest; Innocent
Shalya An Arrow
Shamak Makes Peace
Shanay Power of Lord Shani; Rising Sun
Shankh A Shell
Shansa Praise
Shanyu Benevolent
Shapon Dream
Sharad Autumn; Name of a Season
Sharan Shelter
Sharat A Season
Shashi Moon
Shauna God's Gift
Shauri Lord Vishnu
Shibin Brilliant
Shidil Add Meaning
Shirom A Jewel Worn on the Head
Shitiz Horizon
Shivam Auspicious; Name of Lord Shiva
Shivas Lord Shiva
Shiven Lord Shiva
Shlesh Physical Bonding
Shoora Bold; A Name for Lord Hanuman
Shrida Lord Kuber
Shukla Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shukra The Planet Venus; Resplendent; Venus; Friday
Shulin Lord Shiva
Shvant Placid
Shaarav Pure and Innocent
Shailen King of Mountains
Shakuni Bird; Uncle of Kauravas
Shakunt Blue Jay
Shalabh Ruler; Lord Shiva
Shalang Emperor
Shalina Courteous
Shambhu Lord Shiva
Shameek An Ancient Sage
Shamita Peacemaker
Shandar Proud
Shankar Lord Shiva
Shankhi Ocean
Shankir Lord Shiva
Sharang Deer
Shardul Lord Ganesh; Lion; Leader; The King; Tiger
Shashee Moon
Shashin Moon
Shatjit Conquerer of Hundreds
Shaunak A Great Sage; A Wise Person
Shaurav Bear
Shaurya Bravery; Brave or Fame; Proud; Courage; Strong
Sheehan Peaceful Child
Shekhar Lord Shiva
Shiamak Silver Flame
Shibhya Lord Shiva
Shighra Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shikhar At the Top; Peak of Mountain; Peak
Shilang Virtuous
Shilish Lord of Mountains
Shineyu Shining
Shinjan Music of Payal
Shirish A Flower; Rain Tree
Shishir Name of a Season; Cold; Dew Drop
Shishul Baby
Shivank Mark of Lord Shiva
Shivesh Lord Shiva
Shivlal Lord Shiva
Shivraj Name of Lord Shiva
Shivram God Siva and Rama
Shobhan Splendid
Shravan Star; Name of a Month; Good Listening
Shreesh Good Fortune; Lord of Wealth
Shrenik Organised
Shresth Best of All
Shreyas Good; Superior; Best; Caring; Fame
Shrihan Lord Vishnu
Shrikar Lord Vishnu
Shrimat Lord Vishnu
Shripad Lord Vishnu
Shripal Lord Vishnu
Shriram Lord Rama
Shrisha Lord Vishnu
Shrivas Lord Vishnu
Shubhan One who is Auspicious
Shubhay Blessing
Shuktij Pearl
Shulabh Easy
Shushil Pleasant
Shyamak Lord Krishna
Shyamal Bright Flower; Black; Dark Blue
Shaardul A Tiger
Shahalad Joy; Happiness
Shailesh Peace; God of Mountain; Himalaya; One who Holds Mountain; King of Mountains
Shalmali Lord Vishnu's Power
Shankhin Lord Vishnu
Shantanu Peace Loving; Wholesome; Name of Indian King in Mahabharat; Whole; A King of Hastinapura in the Epic of Mahabharata; Father of Bhishma
Shardool Lion
Shashank Full Moon; Lord Chandra (Moon); Lord Narasimha
Shashish Lord Shiva
Shashwat Ever Lasting; Continuous; Eternal; Permanent; Lord Shiva
Shataayu Hundred Years Old
Shatadru Name of a River
ShatPadm Hundred Petaled Lotus
Shattesh King of Mountains
Shauchin Pure