130 Sikh baby boy names with letter K

130 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter 'K' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet baby names. Find the other list of Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'K' here. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter K. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 130 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'K'.

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Name Meaning
Kiv How
Kul Family; Pedigree; Relative
Kaam Effort; Work
Kahn Lord Krishna
Kala The Fine Arts; Talent; The Sun; Time; Fate; Dark Blue; Black
Kana Name of a Demi God; Plant; Youthful; Beautiful
Kani Strength; Energy; Powerful; Price
Kari Gust of Wind; Curly-haired; Pure; Man; Strong and Masculine
Kaur Poet; Princess
Kavi A Wise Man; Poet; Beauty
Keva Lotus
Keya Speed; Flower in Bengali; Son in Telugu and Sanskrit
Khem One with Peace and Joy
Kour Princess
Kush Son of Lord Rama
Kabal Clever Active; Intelligent
Kabir Name of a Famous Saint
Kamal Lotus Flower; Perfection; Excellence; Utmost Level; Completeness; Loveable; Universal; Completion
Kamna Desire; Wish
Kamya Capable; Desire; Wish; Beautiful
Kanan Forest; Garden
Kanta Radiant
Kanti Glow; Light
Karam The Cause of; Noble Nature; Magnanimity; Liberality; Generous; Deed; Action; Destiny; Generosity; On whom There is God's Grace
Karan A Warrior; Light; The First-born of Kunti; Karna; Instrument
Kashi Luminous; Pilgrimage Spot
Kavan Water; Poem
Kavin Handsome; Beautiful; Variant of Kevin
Kavya Very Good; Poem; Part of Poem
Kehar Lion; Tiger; Srong Man
Kesar Saffron
Kewal Only
Khuda Lord Krishna; God
Khush Happiness; Happy
Kintu Lion
Kiran Rays; Sun Rays; Ray of Light
Kirat Honest; Lord Shiva
Kiret One who Sings Glory of God
Kirti Fame; Glory
Komal Soft Sensitive
Kripa Mercy; Has a Twin Sister Kripi; Kindly
Kriti A Work of Art
Kuhuk Kuhuk
Kumud Earth's Delighter
Kunda Lord Vishnu
Kusum Flower Like; Blossom Like
Kuvam Sun
Kyran Dusky; Dark-haired; Dark
Kaamna Desire
Kabhoo Never
Kalapi Name of a Poet; Peacock; Nightingale
Kalbir Brave of the Family
Kalika Beyond Death; Long Lived
Kallol Shouts of Joy; Waves of Sea
Kalyan Welfare; King; Good
Kamala Born of the Lotus; The Garden
Kamini Beautiful Woman; Desired; Wish
Kanaka Gold
Kanvar Young Prince
Kanwal Lotus
Kanwar King's Son; Prince
Kapila Tawny; Reddish Brown
Karman Karma means the Act of Doing
Kartar Master
Karuna Kindly
Kavita Poem; Poetry
Keerat Fame; One who Sings Glories of God
Kesari Saffron; A Lion
Ketaki Name of a Flower
Khalsa Warrior Made by God Himself; The Pure One
Kharag Sword; Weilder of the Sword
Kheeva Very Happy; Delightful Person
Khyath Famous
Khyati Fame
Kirpal Kind
Kirpan Crown
Kiruba Grace of God
Kishan Lord Krishna
Kokila Blessing; Gift from God
Komala Tender; Soft; Delicate
Kranti Revolution
Krishi Agriculture; Farming
Kshama Forgiveness
Kudrat Nature
Kulbir Brave Family
Kuldev Family Deity
Kuldip The Lamp of the Family
Kuljit The Victory of Family
Kuljot Flame of Family
Kultar Emancipator of Family; Strong
Kulvir Brave One of the Family; Hero of the Family
Kumuda Earth's Delighter
Kundan Pure; Loveable; God Krishna; Daimond
Kunshi Shining
Kuntal Hair; Rice; Winner
Kunwar Prince
Kusuma Flower Like; Blossom Like
Kalajot Light of Art
Kaldeep Light of Family
Kalindi Yamuna River
Kalpana Idea; Imagination; Fancy
Kalpita Imagined
Kalwant A Person of Good Family
Kamlesh God of Lotus; The Preserver; Lord Vishnu
Kanchan Gold
Kanhaiy Lord Krishna
Karmjit Winner over Obstacles
Karnail Winner over Obstacles
Karnvir A Brave Person; A Warrior
Karunya Compassion
Kashika The Shiny One
Kashmir A Pleasant and a Cold Place Full of Snow
Kasturi Musk
Kavneer Great Poet
Keerthi Glorious
Khahish Heart's Desire
Khembir Brave and Joyous
Khemlok Happy and Delightful Person
Kirtana Praisng; Repeating
Kishori Young One
Krishan A Lord; Lord Krishna
Krishna Lord Krishna; Intelligent; Strong; Love; Peace; Affection; Harmony; Brave; Cleaver; Most Attractive; Powerful; Supreme
Kritman A Work of Art
Kshipra Name of a River in India; Springing; Elastic
Kshirin Flower
Kuldeep Light of the Family; Light of Family
Kulmeet Family Friend
Kulprem Love of Family
Kulroop Embodiment of Family
Kulveer Hero of the Family
Kulwant The Vessel of Purity and Righteousness of the Spiritual Family
Kuntala One with Beautiful Hair
Kushala Skillful; Clever
Kaladeep Lamp of Art
Kalajeet Artistic Victory
Kalameet Friend of Art
Kalaprem Love for Art
Kamakshi A Devi; Same as Lalita