140 Sikh baby boy names with letter J : 02

140 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter 'J' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet baby names. Find the other list of Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'J' here. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter J. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 120 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'J'.

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Name Meaning
Jusdeep Lamp of Glory
Jusjeet Glorious Victory
Jusmail Glorious Union with God
Jusmeet Glorious Friend
Juspaul Protector of Glory
Jusveer Famous and Brave
Jaganbir Warrior of the World
Jagatbir Universe
Jagatjot Light of the World
Jaginder Lord of the World
Jagmehar Kindness of the World
Jagmohan One who Attracts the World
Jagpreet Love of the World
Jagratan Gem of the World
Jagtaran Emancipator of the World
Jaikiran Ray of Victory
Jaipreet Loard of Uganda
Jalender Lord of Waters
Jalindra Lord of the Water
Jangjeet One who Conquers the Battlefield of the Mind; Victory in the Battlefield
Janinder Lord
Janpreet One who Loves People
Japdheer Steadfast by Remembering God
Japinder Praise of God
Jasanjot Renowned Light
Jasanpal Protector of the Renowned
Jasbhoop King with Glory
Jasdayal Glory of Kindness
Jasfateh God is Gerious and Victory
Jasinder Glory of God
Jaskamal Glory of Lotus
Jaskaram Glorious Destiny
Jaskaran Good Deeds
Jaskiran Light of Glory
Jaskirat Love; Pyar; Never Shortage of Money; Popular
Jasmeher God's Blessing
Jasmohan One who Praises God
Jasprabh God Blessing
Jaspreet One who Loves to Sing Praises of the Lord
Jastaran Floating in Glory
Jaswanth Famous; Victorious
Jatinder Nurturing; Lord of Purity; One who has Conquered Five Evils

Powerful Man; One who can Conquer Indra;The Powerful Conqueror; Lord of Conqueror

Jiwanpal Fosterer of Life
Jodhveer Worrier
Jogindar Establishing Union with God; Lord Shiva
Joginder Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu; Establishing Union with God
Jogindra Lord Shiva
Jotsamar Light of War
Juginder Lord of the Age
Jungsher Fighting Lion
Jupinder Reciting God's Name
Juspreet Love for Glory
Jyotdeep Lamp's Light
Jabarjang Brave in the Battlefield
Jagandeep Lamp of the World
Jagatjeet Winner of Universe; Victorious of the World
Jagatjeev Worldly Life
Jagatmeet Friend of the World
Jagatprem Love of the World
Jagatroop Embodiment of the World
Jagjeevan Worldly Life
Jagroshan Light in the World
Jagvinder Lord of the World
Jaipratan Jewel of Victory
Jaisangat Victory of the Holy Person
Japdharam Remembering Righteous Path
Japeshwar Lord of Chanting Hymns
Japsimran Chanting God's Name
Jasandeep Renowned Lamp
Jasanjeet Renowned Victory
Jasanmeet Friend of the Renowned
Jasanroop Prince of Parents
Jasbhagat Devotee who Sings God's Praises
Jasjeevan Love with Life
Jasjinder Glory of God
Jaskanwal Glory of Lotus
Jaskeerat Sing God's Praises or Glory
Jaskirpal Glory of the Kind God
Jasmanvir Representative of Guru
Jassmirat God
Jasvinder Lord's Glory
Jaswinder Victorious; Famous; Rich
Jayashree Honour of Victory; Goddess of Victory
Jeevanbir Life of Brave
Jeevandip The Lamp of Life
Jivandeep The Lamp of Life
Jobanroop Embodiment of Beauty
Jobanveer Brave and Charming
Jobanwant Full of Charm
Jodhpreet Lovable Brave
Jogdhiaan Attain Union with God
Jogishwar Master of Yoga
Jotipreet Love of Light
Jotnivaas One who Resides in Light
Jotsaroop Embodiment of Beauteous Light
Jaganinder King of the World
Jagatmohan World's Attraction
Jagatpreet Love of the World
Jagdishwar Lord Provider of the World
Jagsheetal Bringing Peace to the World
Jaisukhbir Victorious; Happy Brave
Janakpreet Father's Love
Jasanpreet Renowned Love
Jasminjeet Victory of Flower
Jasmnpreet Lots of Love
Jeevandeep The Lamp of Life
Jeevanjeet Victorious in Life
Jiwanpreet Love of Life
Jobanpreet Very Beautiful
Jogprakash Union with the Light
Jogvichaar Reflections to Attain Union with God
Jotprakash Radiating the Divine Light
Jaginderpal Preserver of the World
Jagnaminder Light
Jagtekshwar Lord of the World
Jangbahadur Brave in the Battlefield
Japnirantar Ceaselessly Meditation
Jappanpreet Add Meaning
Jasmanpreet Lots of Love
Jasminpreet Love of Flower
Jasmohinder Glory of the Lord
Jasrajpreet Love with Kingdom and Praise
Jatinderbir Brave as the Lord
Jatinderjot Light of the Lord
Joginderbir Brave who is Master of Yoga
Joginderpal Preserver of Yoga
Jotniranjan Immaculate Light
Jupinderbir Brave who Recites God's Name
Jupinderjit Victory with the God's Name
Jupinderjot Light with the Recitation of God's Name
Jagjot-singh Light of the World
Jatinderdeep Pure Lamp of the Lord
Jatinderjeet Pure Victory of the Lord
Jatindermeet Good Friend of the Lord
Jatindranath Sun Light; Lord of Conquerors; He Defeated
Jogindermeet Friendly with Master of Yogi
Jupinderdeep Light with the Recitation of God's Name
Jupindermeet A Friend who Recites God's Name
Jasnoor-Singh Light of Lord
JazzdeepSingh Deep Rocking
Joginderpreet Love for the Master of Yoga
Jupinderpreet Love for the Recitation of God's Name
Jaswinder-Singh Add Meaning