140 Sikh baby boy names with letter T

140 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter 'T' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet and cool baby names list with their meanings. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names, listed with a thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter T. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 140 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'T' in this page.

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Name Meaning
Tej Bright; Lustrous; A Strong Ray of Sun; Brightness
Tegh Holy Place; Sacred Water; Wielder of the Sword
Teja Prowess
Talib Divine; Seeker; Another Name for God; One who Longs or Wishes; Sender (of Truth); Student; Lover; The Seeker of Truth
Taran Raft; Heaven; The Saviour of All
Tariq Morning Star; Name of a Star; An 8th Century Islamic Military Leader who Conquered Spain for the Moors; A Late Visitor
Tarun Sun; Young; Youth; Tender; Love; Lord Ganesha; Gain
Tejas Sharpness; Brightness; Brilliance; Lustre
Tilak Auspicious; Spot of Vermillion or Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead
Tufan Storm
Taihal One who Serves Selflessly
Takhat Royal Thorn; Master of Empire
Talvir A Beautiful Gift
Talwar Sword
Tanvir Strong; Enlightened; Smart; He Carries Lot of Responsibilities; Delicate; Rich from Eyes
Tarlok King of Three Worlds
Taruth Seeker of Source
Tatjog Union with the Real
Tatras Elixir of Truth
Tegbir The Brave Warrior Wielding the Sword; Kaler King
Tegvir Bright
Tejbal One of Glorious Might
Tejbir Brave and Splendour
Tejpal Protector of Splendour
Tejvir A Quick Emperor of God.
Tekbir Support of the Brave
Tekdev Support of God
Tekgur Guru's Support
Tekhar Lord's Support
Tekjit One who Wins Lord's Support
Tekjot Support of the Divine Light
Teknam One who Takes Support of the Lord's Name
Tekpal One who Protects the Support
Thakur Leader; God; Master
Tirath Sacred Place
Tirlok Three Worlds
Toshan Satisfaction
Trikal Existing in the Past; Present and Future
Triman Worshipped in Three World's; Worshipped in Three Worlds
Tripal Protector of Three Worlds
Tripat Fulfill; The Holy Trinity
Tabhjot God
Tajdaar Splendour
Takdeer Of Great Fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck
Talveen Imbued in Colour
Tandeep Inner Soul; Light
Tanveer Brightness; Eng-lightened; Rays of Light; Enlightened; Loveable and Attractive
Tanweer Enlightening; Illuminating
Tarjeev Life of Redemption
Tatchet Remembering the Real
Tatleen Absorbed in the Ultimate Truth
Tatrang Imbued in the Colour of Truth
Teerath Holy Place
Tegmeet Swords Lover
Tejbhan Sun of Splendour
Tejdeep Light of Splendour
Tejmaan Great Glory and Honour
Tejnaam Glory of the Lord's Being
Tejwant Full of Splendour
Tekdeep Lamp which Gives Support
Tekjeet One who Wins Lord's Support
Tekmeet Friendly Support
Tekraam Lord's Support
Tekroop Embodiment of the Lord's Support
Thalbir Heroic Fighter
Thirath Religious Place
Thirbir A Steadfast and Brave Warrior
Tuvijat Lord Indra
Tajender God of Grandeur
Tajinder Splendour of God
Tajpreet Happy Always
Tanmohit That would Touch Our Heart
Tapanbir Brave and Warm
Tapanjit Victory of Warmth
Tapanjot Light of Warmth
Tapanpal Protector of Warmth
Tapinder God of Devotion
Taranbir Warrior of Redemption
Taranjit Victory over Bondage
Taranjot Light of Redemption
Taranpal Protector of Redemption
Taranvir Warrior of Redemption
Tarunpal Protector of Youthfulness
Tatgiaan Knowledge of Truth
Tatraman One who Cherishes Truth
Tatratan Gem of Truth
Tejasvar Bright; Sharp
Tejender Source of Energy
Tejendra The Lord Sun
Tejindar God of Grandeur
Tejinder God of Splendour
Tejpreet Glory of Love
Tekpreet Supporting Love
Thaldeep Lamp of the World
Thalraaj King; Master of the Planet
Thirmaan One of Unwavering Mind
Thirnaam One who Finds Rest in Naam
Thirprem One whose Love is Steadfast
Talwinder Desire for the Love for Lord
Tanupreet Exact Love
Tarandeep Lamp of Redemption
Taranveer Brother of Heaven
Tarlochan Star of Eyes
Tarunjeet Victory of the Youthfulness
Tatchetan One who is Aware of the Real
Tatvichar One who Reflects the Ultimate Truth
Tejasveer Intelligent; Someone Full of Light and Vigour
Tejdharam Glory of Righteousness
Tejpratap Glory and Splendour
Thakurjot Light of the Lord Master
Thakurpal Preserver of the Lord Master
Thakurtej Glory of the Lord Master
Thakurtek One whose Support is the Lord Master
Thalbhoop Master of the Planet
Tirlochan Three-eyed
TotaSingh Parrot
Tribhavan King of the Three Worlds
Tribhawan Holy Garden
Trilochan One with Three Eyes; Lord Shiva; Three Eyed Lord; One of Higher Knowledge
Tapanpreet Love for Warmth
Tarunpreet Love for Youthfulness
Thakurchet Remembering the Lord Master
Thakurjeet Winning the Lord Master's Love; One who has Won the Lord's Love
Thakurmeet Friend of the Lord Master
Thakurnaam Remembering the Lord Master's Name
Thirdhiaan Meditation on Lord Unwaveringly
Tirathraam Sacred Place of the Lord
Tirlochana Three-eyed
Trishanbir Craving for Bravery
Trishanjot Light of Craving
Tajinderbir Brave Splendour of God
Tajinderpal Protector of Splendid God
Trishandeep Craving Lamp
Trishanjeet Victory for Craving
Tajinderdeep Splendid Light of God
Tajindermeet Splendid Friend of God
Tajinderprem Love for Splendid God
Trishanpreet Love for Craving
Tajinderpreet Love for Splendid God
Tejdeep-Singh Brave