150 Malayalam baby girl names with letter Su

Cute malayalam (mallu) baby names starting with Su. Find Malayalam baby names for girls beginning with pronunciation 'Su' . Kerala People, parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Kerala Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 150 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Su'.

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Name Meaning
Suma Flower; Natural; Everywhere; God; Born During the Summer; Beautiful Line; To Ask; Good Mother
Sumi Good
Subha Splendour; Beauty; Ornament; Decoration
Subhi Lucky
Suchi Radiant; Glow; Pure
Sudha Food for God; Nectar
Suhag Love
Suhas One with Good Smile; Laughter
Suman Beautiful Flowers; Flower; Cheerful and Wise; One who has a Good Mind
Supti Sun; Sleep
Surya The Sun; Glittering Sun; Sun God
Susha Fair
Sudena Lakshmi; A Real Goddess
Sudevi Wife of Krishna
Suditi Brightest Flame
Sugita Beautifully Sung
Suhani Cheerful; Pleasant; Pretty
Suhavi Like Your Heart
Suhina Beautiful
Sujala Affectionate
Sujata Of Noble Birth; Beauty
Sujaya Victory
Suksha Beautiful Eyes
Suksma Fine
Sulbha Easily Available
Suloch One with Beautiful Eyes
Sumana Good Natured; Flower; Goddess Durga; Kind Hearted
Sumati Good Minded; Wisdom
Sumita A Good Friend
Sumona Calm; With Good Heart
Sundha A Character in Ramayana
Sunila Blue
Sunita Well-behaved; Polite; One with Good Morals; Gracious; Feeling; Intelligent; Well Behaved; Kind; Love; Beautiful
Suniti Good Conduct; Good Principles
Surama Very Pleasing
Surasa Goddess Durga
Suravi Sun
Surbhi Sweet Fragrance; Light; Fragrance of Flower
Surina A Goddess; Wise
Surupa Beautiful
Sushma Beautiful Woman; Beauty
Susila Wife of Krishna; Clever in Amorous Sciences
Susita White
Sutapa Seeker of God
Sutara Holy Star
Suvali Full of Grace
Subarna Of the Colour of Gold
Subhaga A Fortunate Person
Subhuja Auspicious Apsara
Subrata Devoted to What is Right
Sucheta With a Beautiful Mind
Suchita Beautiful
Sudeepa Bright
Sudhira Calm
Sudipta Sweet; Bright
Sudipti Brightness
Suganya Sugam
Sugauri Goddess Parvati
Suhaila Moon-glow; Ease; Star; Moonshine
Suhrita Good Heart; Well-disposed
Sujitha Smooth; Great Conquerer
Sukanya A Good Girl; Comely
Sukeshi With Beautiful Hair
Sukhada One who Gives Happiness
Sukriti Beautiful Creation of God; Wise; Good Work; Good Deed
Sukruti A Good Conduct
Sukshma Fine
Sukushi Noble
Sulabha Easy; Natural
Sulekha Good Handwriting
Sultana Queen; Empress; Writing
Sumaira Brownish; Princess / Queen
Sumedha Wise; Intelligent
Sumitha One who has a Beautiful Body
Sumitra Mother of Lord Lakshman; Good Friend
Sumukhi Very Beautiful; Describes Goddess Lakshmi
Sunaina Beautiful Eyes
Sunamya Sweet Chartered
Sunanda Sweet Charactered; Good Natured; Loveable; Very Pleasing; Beautiful; Pleasing; Sweet Natured
Sunayna Beautiful Eyes
Sundari Beautiful
Suneeti Mother of Dhruva
Sunetra One with Beautiful Eyes
Suniska With Beautiful Smile
Suparna Leafy; Attractive; Good Behave
Suprema Loving
Suprita Well Pleased
Supriti True Love
Supriya Talented; Beloved; Wonderful; Cute; Adorable; Lovely
Surabhi Beautiful; Wish-yielding Cow; Fragrance
Surangi Colourful
Surasti Perfect
Surekha Beautifully Drawn
Sureshi Goddess Durga
Suruchi One with Good Taste; Good Taste; Delighting
Suryani Sun's Wife
Sushama Beauty
Sushila Good Conduct
Susmita Smiling; Sweet Smile
Susumna A Dark Complexioned and Beautiful Girl
Suvarna Gold; Diamond
Suvitha Welfare; Prosperity; Good Character
Suvrata Daughter of Daksa
Suyasha Good Achievent
Subhadra Source of Great Welfare; Sister of Lord Krishna; A Wife of Arjuna
Subhagya Lucky
Subiksha Prosperous
Suchhaya Shining
Suchitra Beautiful Picture
Sudeepta Bright
Sudeshna Queen; Wife of King Virata
Sudiksha Goddess Lakshmi
Sugandha Fragrant
Sugathri Sweet Voice; Beautiful Eyes
Sugreeva One with Beautiful Neck
Suhasini Ever-smiling
Sukhmani Contented Soul; Bringing Peace
Sukumari Soft; Meritorious
Sulaksha Lucky
Sulalita Very Pleasing
Sumangli Goddess Parvati
Sumavali Garland
Sunayana A Woman with Lovely Eyes
Sundhuja Lakshmi; Born of the Ocean
Suprabha Radiant
Surabhee Fragrance; Wild Basil; Sandal Wood
Suraksha Protection
Surotama Auspicious Apsara
Sushanti Peace
Sushmita Beautiful Smile; Good Smile
Sutanuka Beautiful
Subhasini Soft-spoken; Well-spoken; Nice Girl; Well Spoken
Subhiksha Full-fill; Prosperous
Subodhini A Learned Lady
Suchandra Beautiful
Sucharita Of Good Character
Sudhamayi Full of Nectar
Sujashree Born in Good
Sulakshmi Goddess Laxmi
Sulochana One with Beautiful Eyes
Sunandini Happy
Sunandita Happy
Supreetha Beloved Endearing to All
Suranjana Pleasing
Suravinda A Beautiful Yaksa
Suryadita Sun
Subhashini Well-spoken
Subhashree Name of Goddess Laxmi; All Easy for them
Suchismita With a Pious Smile; Beautiful Smile
Sudakshima Wife of King Dilip
Sudarshana Handsome; Beautiful; A Weapon of Lord Krishna
Sudarshini Beautiful Lady; Sundari
Sulakshana Well Brought Up
Sumanolata Flowery
Suprasanna Very Serene
Sureshwari Sovereign Goddess of the Gods
Suryakanti Sun's Rays
Sushobhana Very Beautiful
Suvarnmala Golden Necklace
Suvarnarekha Line of Gold
Suvarnaprabha Luster of Gold