150 Sikh baby boy names with letter L

150 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter 'L' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet baby names. Find the other list of Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'L' here. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names; Think You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter L. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 150 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'L'.

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Name Meaning
Lo Talent; Smart; Bright; Lovely; Love
Lai The Beloved One
Lak Wave
Lal Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour
Lav Son of Lord Rama
Lay From the Meadow Farm; Concentration
Loy Intelligent; Smart; Clever
Luv Son of Lord Rama
Laal Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour
Labh Gain; Advantage
Ladu King
Lais Lion
Lala Tulip
Lali Blushing
Lall Red Color; Yellow
Lalu Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Love; Red Colour; Similar to Lal
Lars Kyle
Lasa Week
Lath Straight Like Bamboo Stick; Lord Vishnu
Laul Pet
Lavi Lion; Combined; Brave
Laxy Target
Laya Music; Rhythm; Decline; Tranquillity or the Lull After Destruction or the Deluge
Leil Awesome Kid; Handsome
Lekh Writings; Contribution; Document; Article
Lela Handsome
Leon Brave as a Lion; Symbolizing Kingliness and Grandeur and Courage; Lion-bold; Lion of Naples; Lion; Form of Leonard; Like a Lion; Leo
Liam Determined Protector; Gaelic Derivative of William
Ligu Shy
Lila Divine Drama; Pleasure; Purity
Linu A Cry of Grief
Logu Blessing of God
Loha Iron; Metal
Loka World
Lola Sorrows; Moving to and from
Loro King of the World; Great Power
Love Famous and Powerful; Love; Female Wolf; Beloved
Luis Famous Warrior; Renowned Warrior; Form of Louis
Luit River Brahmputra
Luta A Lot of
Laabh Profit; Gain
Laaek Wise; Capable
Labhu Pleasure
Labib Sensible; Intelligent
Labid A Companion
Lagan Appropriate Time
Laghu Lovely; Pure; Young
Lagna The Ascendant or 1st House
Lahab Profit
Lahar Wave
Laiba Female of the Haven
Laima Redness
Laird Lord of the Land; Wealthy
Lakar Challenge
Lakha Money
Laksh Target; Aim
Lalam Jewel
Lalan Nurturing
Lalat Name of a Raag
Lalil Evening Sun Flow
Lalip Prophet
Lalit Attractive; Lord of Krishna; Beautiful
Lalji Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour; Similar to Lal
Lalla Abbreviation of Eulalie Well-spoken
Lallu Good; Brave
Lalon Creature; Heart of People
Laloo Innocent
Lamar Close to the Sea
Lamok Anti Soft
Lanka Chilli
Laran The Psychic Powers and Abilities of the Comyn Caste
Larar Sun Rise
Latif Gentle; Pleasant; Caress or Gentle Slap; Generous; Enigmatic; Gracious; Fine; Refined; Kind
Lavan One of Obidence
Laven Fragrance
Lavik Intelligent
Lavin Lord Ganesha
Lavit Lovely; Small
Laxit Targeted; Great Power
Laxya Aim
Layak Capable
Layam Rhythm
Laziz Tasty
Leeto Journey
Lehan One who Refuses; Completion of Tasks
Lehar Wave
Lehna To Take to Unload
Leica She was a Dog that Went to Space
Lekin Because (in English)
Lemar Talented One
Lenin A Little Cape; Cloak
Liang Excellent
Lidin Special
Lijoy King of World
Likha Written
Likil Good Handwriting
Likit Written; Perfect; Writing
Limba Respectful
Limpa Very Nice
Lincy Kindness
Linga Statue of Lord Shiva; Gender
Linoy Perfect
Litya Beautiful
Liyan Cute
Logan Dweller in a Little Hollow; Small; Round Hill; Finnian's Servant; Log in Water to be Still and at Peace
Lohan Beautiful
Lohit Metal Mind; Soft Heart; Red; Made of Copper; Mars; Bramhaputra River
Lokej Safeguard of Honour
Lokhu Lucky Person
Lokin One who Possesses the World
Lokit Enlightened
Lokya Lord of All Worlds
Loman Honesty
Lotis Related to Lotus
Lovey Very Cold as Moon
Lovik Lord Ganesha
Lucas Bringer of Light; A Region of Southern Italy; Man from Lucania; Light
Lucky Fortunate; A Region of Southern Italy; A Sage; The Ample of God
Luhas Beloved by Lord Vishnu
Luhit Name of a River
Lunar Sun; Moon
Lusha Saffron
Lutfi Kind and Friendly; Kind; Gentle
Luvik Journey of World
Luvin Loveable Person
Luvya Lovable
Lyall From the Island; Lion 'Wolf; Loyal
Laabha Acquirement; Acquisition; Gain
Laalit Loved; Pampered
Laasya Smile
Labaka Melodious Sounds
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent; Understanding
Labham Profit; Gain
Labhit Benificial
Labuki Musical Instrument
Lachan Bright Eyes
Laghun Quick
Lahban Salt
Lahiri Wave; Tide
Lajbir Honourable Brave
Lajpal Protector of Honour
Lajpat Of Keeping Shame
Lakesh King of Sri Lanka
Lakhan Lord Rama's Brother
Lakshi Target
Lalana A Manly; A Boy
Lalasa Love
Lalith Beautiful; Intelligence; Sharpness
Lalkar Challenge
Lallan To Care
Lander From the Grassy Plain; Laundry-man; Lion Man; Property Owner or Laundry-man
Lapaya Lord Ganesh
Larraj A Sage
Lataka A Sage
Lateef Gentle; Kind; Pleasant
Latesh New; Warrior
Lathik Lord Vishnu; Very Powerful
Latish Truth; Lord of Addiction
Laukik Famous
Lavana Handsome
Lavesh King; Lovable
Lavika That Matters
Lavish Lord of Love; Cute; Luxurious
Lavith Lord Shiva
Lavnik Handsome
Lavnya Beauty; Grace
Lavonn Cute
Lavraj Kingdom of Lord Rama's Son
Laxman Lord Rama's Brother; Auspicious; Inelligent; Goodness
Ledari Strong
Leewin Victory; Man of People
Lekakh Writer