180 Sikh baby boy names with letter O

180 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter O' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet baby names. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names, listed with a Thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter O. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 180 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'O'.

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Name •  Meaning
Om The Sacred; Lord Shiva; The Sacred Syllable; Name of Three Lords (Bhrama; Vishnu and Mahesh)
Oha Meditation; True Knowledge
Ohm Primordial Sound
Oja Vitality
Oli Courageous; Elf Army
Oma Life Giver
Omi Om Sai; Shiva; Sound of Universe
Omu God
Oni Shelter
Ori Charitable King; The Lord is My Light
Ovi Holy Massege of Marathi Saint
Odan Cloud; Grain Cooked with Milk
Ogan Wave
Ogha Sea; See
Ohas Praise
Ohit Brilliant
Ojal Vision
Ojan Wave; Assembles; United
Ojas Shine; Full of Light; Body Strength; Brilliance; Glow; Name of Lord Ganesha; Teacher to God; Primary Nectar of Life
Ojes One who Rides a Chariot
Okal To Cross
Okas House; Shelter; Adobe; Something
Okya Brave; Air
Olam Master of the World
Oman Giver of Life
Omar An Era; The Highest; The Highest of Muhammads Followers; Long-lived; Elevated; Follower of the Prophet; First Son; Disciple; Gifted Speaker; Famous; Expressive; Life; Long Living; Flourishing; Reverent
Omav Disciple of the God; Avatar of Om; Incarnation of God
Omid Hope; Desire; Wish
Omio Rock
Omit Love
Omja Born of Cosmic Unity
Omna Pious; Pure
Omol Time Lord
Omor Awesomeness
Omya Life Giving
Onil Wind
Onir Shining
Oogy Bubbly
Oral Eagle; Golden
Oren Ash Tree; Pine Tree
Oris Tree
Orit Time Lord
Orma Free Men
Orun Light
Orup Handsome; Beautiful
Osha Kind; Thankful; Loving; Gift to the World
Osho Dear
Ovil Loving to God
Ovin Handsome
Oasis Desert
Odaka Add Meaning
Odika First Son
Ogaan United
Ogana United
Oisin Little; Freckled
Ojadh One who Gives Strength
Ojesh Light
Okhil Brilliant
Okmar First Born; Brave
Okoth Born when it was Raining; Born During the Rainy Season; From Luo
Omaha A Person in Great Joy; Rapture
Omair Problem Solver
Omeed Hope
Omeir Long Living
Omesa Lord of Om
Omesh Luchy; Lord of the Om
Omjaa Everything
Omkar The Sound of the Sacred Syllable; Religious Word Om; Lord Shiva / Ganesha
Omran Solid Structure; Lifetime
Omrao King
Omsri Devotional
Onain Vision
Onish Lord Krishna
Onkar Lord Shiva; God's Name; Primal Being
Oogan Extraordinary
Oojam Enthusiasm
Opasa Drink
Opesh Support; Pillar
Opkar Beneficence
Orang A Throne; Wisdom; Understanding; Beauty
Oresh Thankful
Orion Son of Fire; Light of Heaven
Orman Mariner; Spearman
Ornil Add Meaning
Ornob Sea; Ocean
Oshin Flower
Osman Servant of God; Divine Protector; God's Protection; Divine Protection
Otave God
Owais Fearless; Experienced Person; Companion of the Prophet
Oydin Moonlight
Oyesh Lord of Water
Occhar Pickle; Brave; Hero; Hunter
Occhav Love
Ochaar Pronunciation
Oditya Add Meaning
Oistin Venerable; Revered
Ojasin Strong Powerful
Ojasvi Brave
Ojaswa Bright; Shining; Sharp
Ojaswi Lord Shiva
Ojasya Strong; Powerful
Ojayit Courageous
Okpati Clever; Deep Mind
Oliver Olive Tree; Elf Army; The Olive Tree Symbolizes Fruitfulness and Beauty and Dignity; Extending an Olive Branch Signifies an Offer of Peace; Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil; Descendent; Ancestor
Ollepu Lion; King of Forest
Omansh Part of God
Omaran Era
Omdutt Name of Lord Shiva
Omkaar Shiv
Omkara Om; Creator of Om; Mantra of Lord Shiva
Omnada Add Meaning
Ompati Master of Om
Ompatu Add Meaning
Oodaye To Rise
Oomjam To Give People Things
Oorjit Powerful
Oppili Add Meaning
Opraaj Lord's Kingdom
Opurbo Beautiful
Oruvan One Person; One and Only
Ossama One of the Names of the Lion
Oviyan Artist
Obalesh Lord Shiva
Obhihas Belongs to World
Ochchav The Lord; Festival - Utsav
Odaniya Lion and King
Odendhi Quick Mind
Odhavji Lord Krishna
Ohitlal Add Meaning
Ojapati Master of Power; A Deity of Bodhi Tree
Ojasvee Brave
Ojaswin Powerful; Radiant
Ojaswit Powerful; Radiant
Ojayati Add Meaning
Ojishth Strongest
Omaansh The Sacred Symbol of Om
Omanand Joy of Om
Omaswat Friendly; Favourable
Omendra God Name
Omkrish Lord Krishna
Ompreet Om means Lord Shiva; Preet means in Love with Lord Shiva
Oninddo Giver of Joy / Anand
Onindro Romantic
Onkaran Add Meaning
Onnesha Honesty
Oopajai Dwell; Reside
Oordhva High or Upper
Opinder Proximity to God; Nearness to God
Oppilan Peerless Gem
Orlando Renowned in the Land; From a Famous Land
Otsinto Add Meaning
Oangaran God Muruga
Odaniyan Add Meaning
Ojaspati Master of Power and Luster
Ojjaswin Body Strength
Olirmeni Add Meaning
Om-Eswer Lord Shiva
Om-Sagar Divine Sea
Omananda Having the Pleasure of Soul
Omandand King and Generous
Omarjeet Lord of Om
Omeshwar Lord of the Om
Omganesh Lord Ganesha
Omitabho Source of the Light
Omswarup Like Om
Onkarjot Light of God's Name
Oogharth Son of Oaghavand
Opparili Imagines
Oppillan No Compare
Oudichya Add Meaning
Oudumber Lord Vishnu
Ovishkar Darkness
Ojaswinee Brightness
Omdearoop Vishnu
Omkarnath Name of Lord Shiva
Omparkash Brightness
Omprakasa Sacred Light
Omprakash Light of God; Sacred Light
Omswaroop Manifestation of Divinity
Onkarjeet Victory with Lord's Name
Oogharath Son of Ooghavand
Opilamani Add Meaning
Oppilmani Purest of Gems
Oaghavanth Monarch; King
Obaleshwar Shiva
Ohileshwar Shiva
Omkareswar Shiv
Oppilamani Incomparable
Oliveanthan King of Light
Omkaranatha Lord of Om
Omkareshwar Shiv; God of Om
Oppiliappan Enthusiasm
Ottakoothan Poet
Ongivalarthan Sacred Light