180 Sikh baby boy names with letter S

180 Sikh baby boy names starting with letter 'S' for Punjabi Parents who are in search for sweet and cool baby names list with their meanings. Modern Indian Sikh baby boy names, listed with a Thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list or you can browse for other website thru google. Sikh/Punjabi Boy names starting with letter S. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 180 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'S'.

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Name Meaning
Sar Pain; Effective
Sat Truth
Sant Saintly Person
Seva Service; Attendance; Care
Sewa Absorbed in Service
Shah The King; Emperor
Sher The Beloved One; Lion
Sikh Disciple; Student; Seeker; Perpetual Learner
Sonu Pure Gold; Morning; God Gift
Sukh Peace; Happiness
Sabrr Patience
Sadar Respectful
Sadha Eternal
Sadhu Saint; Sage; Holy; Saintly Person
Safal Succeed
Sagaj Natural
Sagal All; Inclusive
Sagar Wise One; From the Sagebrush Plant; Surname; Sea; Ocean; Pond; Name of the 2nd Chakravarti; Water; Very Deep
Sahas Courage; Bravery
Saheb One with Honourable Status
Sahib The Lord; Companion; Follower; Friend
Sahil Ocean; Guide; Sea Shore; River Bank
Sajan Beloved; Friend
Samir Wind; Pleasant Companion; A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation; Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Breeze; Entertainer
Santa The Devotees
Saran Protection; Surrender; Leader
Saroj Lotus; Everything is Possible
Sevaa Absorbed in Service
Sewak Sacred Symbol
Shaan Famous; Pride; Respected; Peaceful
ShamzGood Sun; Shy
Shant Gentle
Simar Light Covering; A Scarf; One who is Absorbed in God; Very Handsome and Cute
Sinda Strong
Siraj Lamp; Light; Beam; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad; Beautiful
Sobha Glorious; Virtuous
Sodhi Friendly
Sohan Good Looking; Nice; Lord Shiva
Sohum I am Him; Every Soul has a Presence of God in it; God is Within
Sonam Gifted
Sonny A Young Boy; Son; A Nickname and Given Name; Youngster; Like a Bear
Sujan Honest; Wise; Exalted Knowledge
Sujog Beauteous Union with God
Sukha Happy; Joyful
Sumat One with Wise Intellect
Sumer Gold Mountain
Sunil Blue; Sapphire; Dark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate Tree; Wind; Beautiful Sky; Krishna with Blue Colour; Lord Vishnu
Sunny Bright Disposition; Cheerful; Full of Sunshine; Sun; Happy Day; Gift of Sun
Supam Bird; Ray of Light
Suraj The Sun
Surat Of Awakened Consciousness
Surya The Sun
Sutho Spouse
Suvam Lord Shiva
Saacha Truthful
Sadeev Always; Permanent
Sahbaj Brave; Mighty
Saihaj Peaceful; Gentle; Soft; Patient; Equipoise Person
Sajjan Noble Respectable; A Dear Friend; Righteous Person
Sameer Wind; Breeze; Early Morning Fragrance; Cool; Entertainer; Jovial; Entertaining Companion
Samund Sea; Ocean
Samvir King
Sangat Associating with Holy Congregation
Sanjit Victory; Who is Always Victorious
Sanvir Strong; Brave
Sargun All Good Things
Saroop Handsome; Beauteous
Sarpal Honest
Sartaj Crown; Supreme Master; Crown of Head; Master; Husband
Sarwan God
Satbir Truly Brave; Best Among All; The True Warrior
Satgun Of True Merits
Satgur True Guide; God
Satnam God's Name is Truth; True Name
Satpal Protector
Satsev Truthful Service
Seetal Cool; Pleasant Feeling
Shabad Word; Lamp; Light of the Holy Word
Shakti Power
Shaman One who Knows
Sharan Shelter
Sidhak Faith
Simran Meditation; Remembrance; In Remembrance of God
Sindhu Ocean; Lord Vishnu; White
Sirjan Creation
Sirvir Brave Leader
Smaran Remembrance; Memory
Snawar Lion
Srijit Winner of the Sound
Subash Polite; Fragrance; Smart
Sugeet Good Song
Suhava Charming
Sujjan Intelligent
Sukhit Complete Happiness
Sultan King; Power; Governor; Ruler; Sovereign; Monarch; Sun; Authority
Sumesh Knowledgeable
Sumrit Prayer; Repetition
Sundar Beautiful
Surain One who is Like the Gods
Surjan Godly Person
Surjit Immortal; Godly Person
Surjot Fight of God
Surpal Protected by God
Surpat Master of God
Swaraj Right; Truth; Liberty; Freedom; Own Country
Swaran Man of Gold Heart
Sabjeet Winner of Every Thing
Sachdev Truth of God
Sachjog Union with the True One
Sachman True at Heart
Sachpal Protector of Truth
Sachras Elixir of the Truth
Sachsev True Servant
Sachtek Taking the Support of Truth
Sadsukh Always in Bliss
Sahavan Possessing Strength; Mighty
Sajveer Ready to Win the Battle for Goodness
Samdeep Lamp of Equality
Sampras Blessed; Power; Peace; Calm
Samrath Capable; Having All Ability; Mighty and Powerful; Lord Krishna
Samsher Brave Lion
Sandeep God; Light; Shine; A Lighted Lamp; Beautiful Male; Smart; Sunlight
Sangram A Kind of Revolution; Along with Ram; War for the Truth
Sanjeet Happy Victory
Sanmeet Happy Friend
Sanmukh Abiding by the Guru's Word
Sansaar The World; The Creation
Santbir Brave Saint
Santdev Saint Lord
Santjot Divine Light
Santokh Peaceful; Patient; Satisfaction; Contentment
Santsev Service of Saints
Sardara Head; Chief
Sardeep Light for All
Sarjant Helpful
Sarjeet Victorious
Sarvesh Lord of All; God of All Gods
Satchet Meditating in Truth; Truthful; God
Satdeep Light of Truth
Satleen One Aborbed in Truth
Satmeet True Friend
Satmukh Godly Face
Satpaul The One who Abides by the Truth
Satprem True Love
Satsukh One in True Bliss
Satvant True Faithful Pious Sacred
Satveer True Brave; Lord Vishnu; Bravely Upholding the Truth
Satwant Truthful
Savitoj Splendour of the Sun
Sawaraj Self-rule
Sawaran Gold
Sawneet Good Soul
Seemant Margin; Limit
Sharbat Cool
Shivdev Lord Shiva
Shivjit Lord Shiv
Shivtar Incarnation of Lord Shiva
Sirtaaj Crown of Head
Sohraab Creative; Personality
Subhaag One with Good Fortune
Subhash Soft Spoken
Subhpal Auspicious Protector
Suchbir True and Brave
Sudansh Moon
Sukhain Peaceful
Sukhbir Happy; Brave; Warrior of Peace
Sukhdev God of Happiness; God of Peace
Sukhjog Enjoying Peace in Union with Lord
Sukhjot Light of Peace
Sukhliv Absorbed in the Joy of God's Love
Sukhman One whose Mind is Peaceful
Sukhnam Bliss from Naam
Sukhpal Victory; Enjoy Full Life
Sukhraj Emperor of Calm; King of Peace
Sukhram One in whom Peace Prevades
Sukhras Peace through the Lord's Elixir
Sukhtej Glory of Peace
Sukhtek Peaceful Support
Sukhvas Blissful Abode
Sukirat Reputation
Sunanat Attentive
Sundeep Sun Light; Beautiful Lamp
Supreet Good Love
Surbhav Musical
Surchet God's Consciousness
Surkhab Dream; Bird
Surprem Love of God
Survjit All Victorious
Sabhajit Honoured Praised Celebrated
Sachdeep Light of Truth
Sachgian True Knowlege; Lord Brahma; Having the True Knowledge
Sachleen One Absorbed in Truth