50 Malayalam baby girl names with Ja

Cute Malayalam (mallu) baby girl names starting with Ja. Find Malayalam baby names for girls beginning with pronunciation 'Ja' . Kerala People, parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Kerala Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 50 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Ja'

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Name Meaning
Jaba Love; Hibiscus
Jasu Brainy
Jaya Victory; Victorious; Respect; Goddess Durga / Parvati; Joyful
Jagvi Worldly
Jaina The Lord is Gracious; Jehovah has been Gracious; Has Shown Favor; Ganga River; Good Character; Gift of God
Jalpa Discussion; Short Form of Jalpari (Mermaid); Thirst Quencher; River
Jalsa Celebration
Janki Another Name of Goddess Sita
Janvi Another Name of River Ganga
Janya Born
Jarul Female Offspring; Flower Queen
Jasum Hibiscus
Jayan Victory
Jayna Gracious; Jehovah has been Gracious; Victory; God is Gracious
Jayne The Lord is Gracious; Has Shown Favor; Gracious; Merciful; Female Version of John; One who Increase Victory; Joy; Victorious; God is Gracious
Jagati Bestowed with Speed
Jaimol Beloved Girl
Jalaja Water; Lotus
Jamuna Holy River in India
Janaki Wife of Lord Rama; Daughter of King Janak; Goddess Sita
Janani Mother; Tenderness; Goddess Lakshmi
Januja Daughter
Jasmin A Flower Name; God's Gift; A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine; Jasmime Flower; A Plant in the Olive Family; Fragrant Flower
Jasmit Famed
Jayani A Sakti of Ganesha
Jayita Victories
Jagrati Awakening
Jagruti Awareness; Awakening; Vigilance
Jahnavi Water; River Ganga; Daughter of Jahnu; Simple
Jalbala Lotus Flower
Janisha Di-speller of Ignorance
Jasweer Victorious
Jayanti Goddess Parvati; Victorious
Jagamata Mother of the World; Goddess Durga
Janavika Name of a River
Jayamala Garland of Victory
Jayashri Goddess of Victory
Jayshree Goddess of Victory
Jagadamba Mother of the Universe
Jaganmata Mother of the World
Jaitashri Name of a Music Raaga
Jaladhija Water; Goddess Laxmi
Jayaprada Giver of Victory
Jayashree The Goddess of Victory; Victorious Woman Vijayalakhsmi
Jayasudha Nectar of Victory
Jayavanti Victorious
Jagamohini One who Attracts the World; Goddess Durga
Jaganmayee Goddess Lakshmi
Jayalalita Victorious Goddess Durga
Jayaprabha Light of Victory
Jagadambika Goddess Durga
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga
Jayalakshmi Goddess of Victory
Janaknandini Daughter of King Janak; Goddess Sita