70 Malayalam baby girl names with letter Pa

Cute malayalam (mallu) baby names starting with Pa. Find Malayalam baby names for girls beginning with pronunciation 'Pa' . Kerala People, parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Kerala Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 70 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Pa'.

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Name Meaning
Pari Angel; Fairy; Charitable Princess
Paro Master; Furnished; Knowledge
Paru Master; Furnished; Knowledge
Pavi Lightning; Write; Holy; Pure; Beautiful
Padma Goddess Lakshmi; Lotus
Pahal The Start; One of the Name of Goddess Lakshmi; Facet
Pakhi Bird; Gorgeous Flower
Palak Eyelashes; Eye Lid; Eyes; Blinking
Pampa River
Panna Emerald
Paola Small; Petal; Humble; Little
Parni Leafy
Parul Name of a Flower; Graceful; Flow of Water
Pasha Bond
Payal Foot Ornament
Padama Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Padmal Lotus
Palomi Dove; Soft
Pamela Honeyed Sweetness; New Leaves; All Honey
Panini Skillful; One of the Inhabited Localities in Russia; Master of Knowledge
Panita Admired
Pankti A Line of Poem; Sentence; Pharse; Line of Words
Parama The Best
Paravi Bird
Parina Fairy
Parnal Leafy
Patala Goddess Durga
Paulmi Ray of Sun
Pavaki Goddess Saraswati
Pavana Holy; Sacred
Pavani Pure; God Hanuman; Goddess Ganga
Payoja Lotus
Padmaja Goddess Lakshmi; Born from Lotus
Padmini Lotus Pond; Name of Goddess Lakshmi and Parvati; Born from Lotus
Padnuni Lotus
Palaksi White; One with Eyes Like Leaf
Pallavi Intelligence in Mind; New Leaves; Blossom in Green Fields; Time; Bud
Pameela Honey
Pankaja Lotus
Pankita Clayish; Sludgy
Paridhi Circumference of the Orbit; Limit; Realm
Pariyat Flower
Parmila New; Expert; Wisdom
Parmita Wisdom; Buddha's Teaching
Parnavi Bird; New Leaf
Parnika Small Leaf; Goddess Parvati
Parnita Auspicious Apsara
Parvana Full Moon; Butterfly
Parvani Full Moon; A Festival or a Special Day
Parvati Wife of Lord Shiva; Daughter of Mountain; Goddess Durga
Parveen Star; Collective Shining Stars; Palisades; Cluster of Stars; The Pleiades; Pleasing; Loved; Pleiades; Noble
Parvini Festival
Paulomi A Name from Ancient Epic
Pauravi Horizon on East and West
Pavitra Pure; Flower; Daughter of God; Holy
Padmajai Born from Lotus; Lakshmi
Panchali Draupadi's Name
Pankhadi Petal
Pankhudi Wing of Bird; Petal
Parajika A Raagini
Paramita Wisdom
Parbarti Surrender
Parinita Expert
Parivita Extremely Free
Parthavi Goddess Sita
Parthivi Sita
Padmakali Lotus Bud
Padmakshi One with Lotus-like Eyes
Padmalaya Lake of Lotuses
Padmashri Divine Lotus
Padmavasa One who Resided in Lotus
Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi
Pallavini New Leaves; Bud
Parineeti Beauty; Fairy
Parnashri Leafy Beauty
Padmagriha Who Resides in a Lotus
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus
Padmarekha Lotus-like Lines on Palm
Pakshalika On the Right Path
Pashupriya Fond of All Beings
Patmanjari A Raga
Patmanjiri A Raga
Patralekha A Name from Ancient Epics
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi
Parmeshwari Goddess Durga
Padmalochana Lotus Eyes; Lotus Eyed
Parameshwari Supreme Sovereign Goddess; Goddess Durga
Pankajadharini Lotus Holder