Ayilyam nakshatra baby names

Baby names Starting with Di,Du,De,Do "voice" or "sound.

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Ayilyam (Aslesha) star Characteristics

You are a wealthier / rich person. Brings problems to you father or mother or others of same age group. Non ambitious and are a selfish person. Shows more interest in taking food and alcohol.

Have interest in other’s properties nad may have the tendency to snatch other’s properties. Often forget the timely helps of others. You will spend more money. You may get diseases related to liver. You are an adamant and short tempered person.

Star’s Zodiac signCancer
Star’s Ruling lordMercury
Star’s DeityVishnu
Star’s God of fortune Lord Shiva
Star’s LevelFull Star
Star’s Nature Demonic Group
Star’s Animal Male Cat

Dayaal (దయాల)

Kind hearted

Dayaananda (దయానందా)

One who likes being merciful ; A king

Dayaanidhi (దయానిధి)

A treasure house of mercy

Dayada (దయాదా)

Son ; Inheritor

Dayakar (దయాకర)

Merciful Lord Shiva ; Compassionate

Dayakara (దయాకరా)

Merciful Lord Shiva ; Compassionate

Dayal (దయాల)

Kind hearted

Dayalan (దయాలన)

Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers

Dayalu (దయాళు)


Dayanand (దయానంద)

One who likes being merciful ; A king

Dayananda (దయానంద)

One who likes being merciful ; A king

Dayanidhi (దయానిధి)

A treasure house of mercy

Dayanishee (దయానిశీ)

Person of mercy ; Saint

Dayasagar (దయాసాగర)

Extremely kind ; Sea of mercy

Dayasagara (దయాసాగర)

Ocean of compassionate

Dayasara (దయసరా)

Embodiment of kindness

Deena Nath (దీనా నాథ)

Lord of the poor; Protector