Chithirai nakshatra baby names

Baby names Starting with Pe,Po,Ra,Ri "voice" or "sound.

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Chithirai star Characteristics

Talented, educated and wealthier person. A selfish person with affection to your wife / husband and children. You are a hard working and courageous person. Interested in luxury things. Good qualities wth good educational qualification.May be taller Person. Persons born in 3rd phase will have no interest in education and born in 2nd phase will have less wealth or poor. Although you have all the wealth you will not enjoy it.

Star’s Zodiac signVirgo, Libra
Star’s Ruling lordMars
Star’s DeityLord Murugan
Star’s Goddess of fortune Sakkarathaalvar
Star’s LevelBroken Star
Star’s Nature Demonic Group
Star’s Animal Male Goat