Malayalam baby girl names with Ar

Cute Malayalam (mallu) baby girl names starting with Ar. Find Malayalam baby names for girls beginning with pronunciation 'Ar'. Kerala People, parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Kerala Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 30 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Ar'

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Name Meaning
Arij Fragrance; Sweet Smell; Pleasant
Arja Divine; Farm Worker
Arni Moon; Sun
Arti Prayer Ceremony; God Worship; Meaningful; Devotion; Hymns Sang in Praise of God
Arwa Female Satisfied; Pleasant; Fresh; Mountain Gazelle; Female Mountain Goat; Satisfied
Arya Goddess Parvati; Noble in Sanskrit; Melody or Air in Italian; Lioness in Hebrew; Honoured; Noble
Arati Hymns Sang in Praise of God; Worship
Archa Worship
Ardra Moisture; Kind; 6th Nakshatra Soft
Aroma Smell; Fragrance
Arshi Mirror; Heavenly; Goddess Durga
Aruna Lovely; Dawn; Wife of Lord Sun
Aruni Dawn
Arathi Worship; Praise of God
Arghya Offering to the Lord
Ariona Bringer of Life
Arjuni Dawn; White Cow
Arkita Plentiful
Armita Desire
Arpana Surrendered; Offering
Arpita Dedicated; The One who Gives
Arshia Heavenly
Artana Vanquisher of All Foes
Arushi First Ray of Sun; Beauty; Dawn; Red Sky in the Early Morning; S
Aryahi Goddess Durga
Aryama The Sun
Aryana Noble; Utterly Pure
Araceli Gate of Heaven
Archana Prayer; Worship
Archini Ray of Light
Archita One who is Worshipped; A Ray of Light
Ardhana Prayer
Arianna Holy One
Arpitha Devotee of God; Daughter of God; Dedicated; Tribute; To Dedicate Something
Arshiya Sky; Heavenly
Arunima Pearly; Glow of Dawn; Red Glow; First Rays of the Morning Sun
Aradhana Worship; Prayer; Devoted Effort
Archisha A Ray of Light
Arogyada Granter of Good Health
Arundhati A Star; Name of Lord Shiva; Loyalty; Love
Arundhathi Fidelity; Star; Unrestricted

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