500 Sikh baby boy names with letter A : 3

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Name Meaning
Abhairaaj Fearless Kingdom
Abhaiveer Fearless and Courageous
Abhaydeep Sunrise
Abhinaash Immortal
Abhishaan Strong
Acharjeet Inanimate Victory
Achetmeet Carefree Friend
Adarshpal Keeper of Ideals
Aditpreet Love for the Sun
Agadhbodh Having Unfathomable Knowledge
Agadhroop Of Unfathomable Form
Agampreet Love for God
Agyapreet One who Loves to Obey
Aharpreet One who Loves Activity
Ajaipreet Invincible Love
Ajeetveer Unconquerable Warrior
Ajeetwant Invincible and Mighty
Akalcheet One Absorbed in Eternal One
Akaldhian Absorbed in Eternal One
Akalnivas One Dwelling in the Eternal Realm
Akalpreet Love of God
Akalratan Loving Gem of God
Akalsimar One Remembering the Eternal God
Akhiljeet All Victorious
Alokpreet Love for Light
Amalpreet Pure Love
Amangreet Song of Peace
Amanpreet One who Loves Peace
Amar-Deep Everlasting Light / Lamp
Amarendra King of Devas; Lord of Gods
Amarinder Blessed by God for Immortality
Amarmohan Immortal and Attractive
Amarnivas Immortal Abode
Amarpreet Immortal Love of God
Amolkiran Priceless Rays
Amolpreet Priceless Love
Amritbaan Living a Nectar-like Way of Life
Amritleen One Imbued in the Lord's Nectar; Imbued in Lord
Amritnaam Imbued in Lord's Nectar
Amritroop Embodiemnet of Nectar
Amulpreet Priceless Love
Anandatam Enjoying the Bliss of Soul
Anandgeet Blissful Song
Anandleen One Absorbed in the Lord's Bliss
Anandmeet Blissful Friend
Anandroop Of Blissful Form; Radiating Bliss
Anangjeet One who Conquers Cupid
Anantjeet Endless Victory
Anantmeet Infinite Friend
Anantprem Infinite Love
Aneelroop One of Holy Form
Anilpreet Love for Wind
Anjaljeet Victory with Unity
Anjandeep Strange Lamp
Anmoldeep Priceless Lamp
Anmolmeet Priceless Friend
Anokhjeet Wondrous Victory
Anoopjeet Unique Victory
Anoopleen Absorbed in Beauteous Lord
Anoopmeet Beauteous Friend
Anoopnaam Radiating the Lord's Being
Anooproop Of Beauteous Form
Anoopwant Unique
Antarbodh Radiating the Divine Light
Antargyan Inner Wisdom
Antarprem Inner Love
Anujpreet Love for Younger Brother; Close to Heart
Aparpreet Tremendous Love
Araminder Inclination Towards God
Arashdeep Skylight
Arjunjeet Bright Love
Arshinder King of the Heaven
Arshpreet Love with Sky
Arunpreet Who Loves Redness and the Morning Sun
Arvindera Lord of Wheels
Ashishpal Fosterer of Blessings
Atamcheen One who Realises his Real Self
Atamdaras Spiritual Vision
Atamdhian Absorbed in the Soul
Atamkaram Acting to Attain the Spirit
Atamnivas One who Dwells in the Soul
Atampreet Spiritual Love
Atamraman One who Cherishes the Soul
Atamsimar Absorbed in the Spirit
Atulpreet Matchless Love
Avanideep Lamp of Earth
Avtarjeet God's Victory
Avtarprem Love of God
Aadityapal Protector of the Sun
Abhaipreet Fearless Love
Abhijeevan Life
Acharpreet Inanimate Love
Adheeshwar Lord of Kings
Agampartap Endless Strength
Ajeetpreet Invincible Love
Ajinderpal Invincible Fosterer
Akalchetan Aware of Eternal Love
Akaldharam Religion of Eternal Truth
AkalKeerat One who Sings God's Praises
Akalsharan The One Taking Shelter in God
Akashpreet Love for Sky
Akhilpreet Love for Everyone
Alakhpreet Love for Countless
Amanjeevan Lives a Peaceful Life
Amansaroop Embodiment of Peace
Amarbhagat Immortal Devotee
Amardharam Immortal Religion
Amarjeevan Immortal Life
Amarsaroop Embodiment of Reality
Ambarpreet Love for Sky
Amiteshwar Limitless God
Amoldharam Priceless Victory
Amolsaroop Priceless Form
Amritajeet Deathless Victory
Amritpreet Love for God's Nectar
Anandkaram Blissful Deeds
Anandnivas Blissful Dwelling
Anandpreet Blissful Kingdom
Anandraman Imbued with Bliss
Anandsarup Blissful Form
Anantajeet The Victor of Infinity; Lord Vishnu
Anantarjot God's Light
Anantpreet Infinite Love
Anjanpreet Strange Love
Anmolnivas Priceless Abode
Anmolpreet Priceless Love
Anmolratan Priceless Gem
Anokhpreet Wondrous Love
Antardhyan Absorbed in Meditation
Antarpreet One who Loves the Light Within; Deep; Inner Love
Arinderjit Enemies Winner
Arvanpreet First Step
Atambhagat Spiritual Devotee
Atamdharam Living the Spiritual Way
Atamnidhan Spiritual Treasure
Atamshaant Peaceful Self
Atinderpal Fosterer of God
Atoolpreet Matchless Love
Avinashpal Indestructible Protector
Avtarpreet Love of God
Abahijeevan Fearless Life
Abhaijeevan Fearless Life
Abinaashjot Eternal Light
Adarshpreet Ideal Love
Adityapreet Love for the Sun
Akhandpreet Undivided Love
Amarprakash Immortal Light
Amritsaroop Embodiment of Nectar
Anandbhagat Delighted Devotee
Anantbhagat Infinite Devotee
Archanpreet Love for Prayer
Arunprakash Light of the Morning
Arvinderpal Preserver of the Lotus
Atalbahadur Firm and Brave
Atamprakash Spiritual Light
Atamteerath For whom Soul is the Holy Place
Atamvichaar Reflecting on the Soul
Avmanjeevan One who Lives a Peaceful Life
Avraj-Singh Add Meaning
Anandprakash Light of Bliss
Anantprakash Eternal Light
Antarprakash Shinning Light
Arbinderjeet Victory at the Feet of Lord
Arbinderpaul Protector of the Lotus
Arvinderjeet Lord of Wheels
Abhijot-Singh Fearless; Guided by Light
Arbinderpreet Love for the Lotus
Amandeep-Singh Politeness
Amarveer-Singh Brave
ArmandeepSingh Desire Light