100 Sikh baby boy names with letter B : 2

Find Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'B' . This is a continuation of name list with B from page 01.Every Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique and cute Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 100 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'B'.

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Bachanbir Brave Promise
Bachittar Wondrous Merits
Baghinder Tiger; King
Bakhseesh The Blessed One
Bakhshind Forgiving
Bakhtawar One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky; Prosperous; Rich
Bakhtawer Add Meaning
Balaknath Blessed Lord; Child Master
Baldharam Mighty and Righteous
Balvinder Strong
Balvindra Strong; Powerful; Mighty; Immense Strength
Balwinder Powerful King
Banspreet Love for Descendant
Bhagatjog Loving Devotion of God
Bhagatjot Light of Loving Devotion
Bhajanpal Protector of Devotion
Bhajndeep Devotional Lamp
Bhalender Light of the Lord
Bhalinder Light of the Lord
Bhanpreet Love for the Sun
Bhapinder King of Kings
Bhavanbir Pleasing Brave
Bhavandev Attractive as the Lord
Bhavinder Attractive King
Bhavkirat Emotion; Powerful; Lord Shiva
Bhavpreet Love for the World
Bhulpreet Unforgettable Love
Bhuminder Lord of the Earth
Bhupendra A King who Rules All over Earth; King of Kings; Earth King
Bhupinder King of Kings; Emperor; King of the Earth
Bikramjit Name of a King
Bikrampal Protector of Valour
Bimaljeet Victory of the Pure
Bimalmeet Pure and Friendly
Bimalprem Pure Love
Bipinjeet Victory over Forest
Bipinmeet Friend of Forest
Birjeevan Brave Life
Birpratap Power of King
Birsaroop Embodiment of the Brave
Bishanjot Light of the Supreme God
Bishanpal Raised by God
Bishantek Support of the Supreme God
Bodhpreet Love for the Learned One
Brahamdev Supreme God
Brahamjot One in Union with God
Brahampal Lord's Fosterer
Brahamvir God's Warrior
Brahmchet Remaining Aware of God
Brahmjeet Victory of God
Brahmleen Absorbed in God's Love
Brahmnaam Lord's Name
Brahmraaj Lord's Kingdom
Brahmroop God-like Person
Brahmveer Lord's Warrior
Brijender Sikh Dance
Budhjiwan Wise Life
Budhpreet Love of Wisdom
Bulwinder Powerful King
Burpinder Add Meaning
Babalpreet Add Meaning
Bachanmeet Friendly Promise
Bachanroop Embodiment of Promise
Bachansukh Happy Promise
Bahadurjit Victory of the Brave
Bahadurjot Light of the Brave
Bakhsheesh The Blessed One
Balbahadur Mighty Brave
Basantdeep Lamp of Spring
Basantmeet Friend of Spring
Basantpaul Preserver of Spring
Basantroop Embodiment of Spring
Bhagatjeet Devotee's Victory
Bhagatjeev Devoted Life
Bhagatleen Absorbed in God's Love
Bhagatmeet Friend of God's Devotee
Bhagatnaam One who Cherishes Naam
Bhagatprem Love of Devotion
Bhagatrang Coloured by Devotion to God
Bhagatroop Embodiment of Loving Devotion
Bhagatveer The Brave Devotee of God
Bhagwinder Lucky King
Bhajandeep Devotional Lamp
Bhajanjeet Victory of Devotion
Bhajanmeet Friendly Devotion
Bhajanroop Embodiment of God's Love
Bhajanwant Completely Devoted to God
Bhajgobind Remembering the God
Bhavanchet Pleasing Remembrance
Bhavanjeet Pleasing Victory
Bhavanmeet Pleasing Friend
Bhavtaaran To Swim Across the World's Ocean
Bhawan-Jot Add Meaning
Bhoopendra King of Kings; Emperor; King of the Earth
Bhoopinder King of the Kings
Bikramjeet Victory for Valour
Bimalinder Pure King
Bimalpreet Pure Love
Bipinpreet Love for Forest
Birbahadur Brave Warrior
Bishandeep Lamp of Supreme God
Bishanjeet Victory for Supreme God
Brahamjeet God's Triumph
Brahamleen Absorbed in God's Love
Brahmpreet Lord's Love
Brahmsroop God-like Appearance
Bachanpreet Love for Keeping a Promise
Bahadurjeet Victory of the Brave
Basantpreet Love for Spring
Bhagatpreet Love for Devotion
Bhagwantjot Light of God
Bhajanpreet Love of Devotion
Bharatinder Add Meaning
Bhavanpreet Pleasing Love
Bhushanjeet Victory over Ornaments
Bikrampreet Love for Valour
Birdavinder Brave King of Gods
Birinderjot Lord's Light
Bishanpreet Love for God
Brahampreet Love for the Supreme God
Brahamsarup In the Likeness of God
Brahmbhagat Devotee of God
Budhprakash Light of the Intellect
Balbinderjit Victory of Power
Baljinderpal Preserver of Strength
Balwinderjit Victory of Strength
Balwinderpal Preserver of Strength
Bhagwantjeet Victory of God
Bhagwantroop In the Form of God
Bhalinderjit Victory of the Lord of Light
Bhupinderpal God; Protected by God
Birinderdeep Lord's Lamp
Birinderjeet Lord's Victory
Birinderpaul Protected by the Lord
Brahmprakash Light of the Lord
Bhagatbhandar Treasure of Loving Devotion
Bhupinderjeet Victory of Supreme God
Birinderpreet Lord's Love
Balwinder-Singh Powerful King