200 Sikh baby boy names with letter D

A list of 200 New Sikhism baby Boy names. Find Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'D' .Every Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique and cute Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 100 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'D'.

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Name Meaning
Das Love; Devotee; Servant of God
Dev Divine; Poet; God; Respect; Immortal; Boundless; Without Limit; Nobody can Destroy; Friendly; Faithful; Limitless; Lotus that Blooms in Moonlight; A Star
Daan Charity
Dara Lord; Wealthy; Possessing Goodness; Also a Character in Shahnameh; Charitable; Son; Oak
Dave Beloved; David's Son; Form of David
Deep Superior to Infinity; A Lamp
Deva Deity
Dhan Wealth
Dyal Kind
Daana Wise and Prudent
Daler Brave; Valiant; Bold
Dalip King; King of Kings
Daman One who Controls; Non-violence; Destroyer
Datar Creator; Giver; Donor; Liberal Person
Dayal Kind and Merciful; Kind Hearted
Dhamn The Blessed One
Dhann The Blessed One
Dhaya Kindness; Compassion
Dhian Meditation; Contemplation
Dhyan Concentrate; Absorbed in Contemplation; A Type of Yoga; Meditate; Meditation
Diler Brave
Dilip A King; An Ancestor of Lord Rama
Diwan Title Given to a Collector of Revenues; Royal Court; Tribunal of Justice; Congregation
Dumen Life of Being
Dalbir Soldier
Dalraj King of a Particular Group
Dalvir Hero of the Team
Danvir Charitable
Darbar Royal Court
Daulat Wealth; Riches; Happiness
Dayaal Kind Hearted
Debjit One who has Conquered Gods
Debraj King of Heaven; King
Deedar Pleasant to Behold
Deepak Candle; Light; Brightness
Devjan Godly Person; Residence of Gods
Devjot Godly Light
Devlok Godly Person; Residence of God
Dharam The Righteous and Religious Person
Dhiaan Absorbed in Contemplation; Meditation
Dhiraj Emperor; Patience; Consolation
Dhyaan Absorbed in Contemplation
Digpal Protector of All Directions
Dilbir Beloved; Friendly
Diljit Victory of Heart
Diljot Heart's Light
Divjot Divine Light
Divraj Divine; Right of King
Dulara Loved One
Dalawar Bold and Brave
Dalgeet Team Songs
Daljeet The Conqueror of Forces
Daljodh Team Fighter
Dalmeet Team Friend
Damajot Love Always

Damneet Lord of Team
Damoder Lord Vishnu
Danmeet One who is Friendly with Charity
Darbara Royal Court
Darbjot Light of Wealth
Darshan A Look; Sight; View; To Perceive; Vision; Philosophy; Paying Respect; Visions of Divine
Darvesh Humble; Religious; Gentleman
Dayabir Brave in Kindness
Dayajot Light of Compassion
Deenpal The Protector of the Helpless
Deentek Supporter of the Helpless
Deepjot Lamp Flame
Devjeet God's Triumph
Dhanbir Wealthy Warrior
Dhanjot Light of Wealth
Dhanpal Preserver of Wealth
Dhanpat Rich
Dheeraj Courageous; Emperor; Patience; Consolation; Brave; Gorgeous
Dilawar Brave; Hearty; Daring; Bold; Courageous
Dilbaag The One with a Blossoming Heart
Dilbagh Delighted
Diljeet Winner of Hearts
Diljeev Courageous Live
Dilmeet Friend of Heart
Dilraaj Hearty Kingdom
Dilreet Hearty Traditions
Dilshan Ruler of Hearts; Prestigious
Divleen Divine
Dushanj Great Love
Daanveer Giver; Warrior Karna
Dakshish Wishes; All Wish will Fulfil
Dalpreet Team's Love
Damanjit Victory over Suppression
Damanjot Light of Suppression
Danpreet One who Loves Charity
Darpreet Love for God's Door
Dayadeep Lamp of Compassion
Dayajeet Compassionate Victory
Dayaljot Light of Mercy
Dayawant Full of Kindness
Deenprem Love for the Helpless
Deepleen Absorbed in the Lamp
Depinder Lamp of God
Devendar King of God / Lord
Devendra King of Gods; Lord Indra
Devindar King of Gods; Lord Indra
Devinder King of Gods; Lord Indra
Devsujan One with Godly Wisdom
Dhanjeet Wealth
Dhanmeet Wealthy Friend
Dhanprem Love for Wealth
Dhanraaj Wealthy Kingdom
Dhanvaan One who is Rich
Dharmbir Related to Religion
Dharmpal Protector of his Religion