200 Sikh baby boy names with letter D : Page 02

A list of 200 New Sikhism baby Boy names. Find Sikh baby names for boys here that begins with alphabet 'D' which continues from page 01 here Every Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique and cute Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 100 baby boy names with the name starting letter -'D'.

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Name Meaning
Dharmtat Holy One Full of Virtue
Dhianjog Union with Meditation
Dhianvir Brave Absorbed in Contemplation
Dilpreet Heart Loving; Heart Full of Love
Dilshaan Glory of Heart
Dipinder Radiant God
Divkaran The First Ray of Sunlight; Pure
Divsimar Who Remembers God
Dupinder Radiant Lord
Duralabh Rare; Difficult to Attain
Dalminder Lord of the Team
Dalpinder Lord of the Kings
Dalvinder Lord of the Team
Damandeep Destroy
Damanjote Light of Control
Dasamdeep Related to 10 Guru
Daulatbir Brave and Wealthy
Dayalroop Embodiment of Mercy
Dayasheel Kind-hearted
Deenpreet Love for the Helpless
Deepinder God's Light
Deepkiran Rays of Lamp
Deepmohan Attractive Lamp
Deepnivas One who Resides in Light
Dhanpreet Love for Wealth
Dharambir Bravely Upholding Righteousness; Brave in Doing Ones Duty
Dharamdev God of Faith
Dharamgun Virtues of Righteousness
Dharamjot Light of Righteousness and Virtues
Dharampal Protector of Religion
Dharamraj Celestial Judge
Dharmwant Full of Righteousness
Dhirajbir Steadfast and Brave
Dhirajpal Preserver of Patience
Dhirendra Lord of the Brave
Dhurkaram Fortunate
Dilbinder Ruler of Harts
Dishapaul Protector of Direction
Dalipinder Lord of the Kings
Damaninder Lord of Suppression
Damanpreet Who Control Love
Darpandeep Mirror Light of God
Darshanbir Vision of Exalted Bravery
Darshanjot Vision of God's Light
Darshanoop Like God
Darshpreet Lord Krishna's Love or the Love for Lord Krishna
Daulatwant With Immense Wealth
Dayalpreet Love of Mercy
Dayanidhan Treasure of Kindness
Deepkanwal Bright Lotus
Devasheesh Blessings of God
Dhalwinder Add Meaning
Dharamdeep Lamp of Religion
Dharamdhan Wealth of Virtues
Dharamgeet Religious Songs
Dharamgyan Divine Knowledge
Dharamjeet Religious Victory
Dharamjeev Righteous Being
Dharamjodh Righteous Warrior
Dharamjyot Light of Righteousness and Virtues; Love Birds
Dharamleen One Absorbed in Righteousness
Dharamroop Embodiment of Righteousness
Dharamsukh Peace from a Righteous Way of Life
Dharamveer Bravely Upholding Righteousness; Brave in Doing Ones Duty
Dharamwant Full of Righteousness
Dharmender Lord of Dharma
Dharmendra God of Religion
Dharminder Lord of Dharma and Righteousness; Lord of Religion
Dheerajbir Steadfast and Brave
Dheerandra God of Courage
Dheerendra God of Courage
Dhianpreet Love for Meditation
Dhirajwant Full of Patience
Dishapreet Lover of Direction
Darshangeet Songs of Vision
Darshanjeet Victory of God's Vision
Davinderbir Brave King of Gods
Davinderjot Light of the King of Gods
Dayaprakash Light of Kindness
Deepshabhad Lamp of the Holy Word
Devinderbir Brave King of Gods
Devinderjit Victorious King of Gods
Devinderjot Light of the King of Gods
Devinderpal Fostered by Gods
Dharamaatam Religious Person
Dharamdheer Steadfast in Righteousness
Dharamdhian Absorbed in Righteousness
Dharamender Master of Faith
Dharaminder God of Faith
Dharamsarup Religious Appearance
Dharamsheel Deeply Religious
Dhirajpreet Lover of Patience
Dupinderjit Victory of the Radiant Lord
Dushtadaman Destroyer of Enemy
Davindermeet Friendly with the King of Gods
Deepinderjit Victorious Lamp of God
Deepinderjot Light of the Lamp of God
Deepniranjan Lamp of the Holy Light
Depinderjeet Victorious Lamp of God
Devinderdeep Lamp of the King of Gods
Devindermeet Friendly with the King of Gods
Dharamavatar Incarnation of Righteousness
Dharamchetan Aware of Religion
Dharamjeevan Righteous Life
Dharamnidhan Treasure of Righteousness
Dheerajdhian Patiently Absorbed in Contemplation
Dhianprakash Enlightenment through Contemplation
Dilvanshdeep Part of Heart
Devinderpreet Love for the King of Gods
Dheerniranjan Steadfast in Holiness