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Natives of this Nakshatra always speak the truth and follow the path of truth in their life. They are honest and avoid being deceptive. They are optimistic by nature and never lose hope in life. A peace loving person but occasional blasting has also been noticed. He is a very simpleton type. Since he is very much principled, he has to suffer a lot mentally as he takes into his heart even a small confrontation or problem. He likes good food and is a voracious eater. He is not very particular about dresses. 1st Pada: THE MOON AT: 20 degrees to 23-20 degrees Aquarius: tall and heavy, envious, close to other's mates, a worrier and a fighter. 2nd Pada: THE MOON AT: 23-20 degrees to 26-40 degrees Aquarius: getting wealth from the government, liked by the opposite sex, having full material happiness. 3rd Pada: THE MOON AT: 26-40 degrees Aquarius to 0 degrees Pisces: a relaxed and peaceful person, jolly, nicely dressed and honored. 4th Pada: THE MOON AT: 0 degrees to 3-20 degrees Pisces: humble but miserly, good-looking, of good longevity, busy with one's own plans. .

Poorattathi star Characteristics

Star’s Zodiac signAquarius ,Pisces
Star’s Ruling lordJupiter
Star’s DeityLord Ajopada
Star’s Nature Human Group