Punjabi baby Girl names starting with Am

Punjabi baby girl names starting with letter 'Am'. Punjab Parents who are in search for cool, sweet and cute modern baby names and meanings can find a useful list of names starting with Am for their girl babies. Modern Indian Sikh baby girl names, listed with a thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby girl names list. Sikhism /Punjabi Girl names starting / beginning with Am. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 35 baby girl names with the name starting -'Am' in this page.

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Name Meaning
Aman The One who is Peaceful; Peace; Comfort
Amala The Pure One; Bird; Hope; Spotless; Unpolluted; Goddess Laxmi
Amant Queen
Amina Trustful; Honest; Trustworthy; Mother of Prophet Mohammed; Truthful
Amita Limitless
Amnit Who Desires for Peace
Amrat God's Nectar
Amrit God's Nectar
Amanat God's Treasure; Present or Gift; Valuable Possession
Amarit God's Nectar
Ambika Goddess Parvati / Durga
Ambuja Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi; Born from Lotus
Amraoo Add Meaning
Amrikh Ancient Sage
Amrita Immortality; Nectar; Cute
Amyrah Princess; High-born
Amanjot Radiating the Light of Peace; Precious Diamond
Amanpal The Protector of Peace
Amanvir The One who Fights for Peace
Amarjot The Immortal Light
Ambreen Sky Fragnance; Sky
Amender People of the Heavenly God
Amodini Happy Girl; Joyful; Pleasurable
Amrique Celestial God
Amrusha Sudden
Amandeep Light of Peace
Amanjeet One who Attains to Peace
Amanroop The Embodiment of Peace
Amanveer The One who Fights for Peace
Amardeep The Lamp of Immortality; The Light of Awesomeness
Amarjeet One who is God Gifted
Amarleen Forever Absorbed in God
Amarnoor One whose Beauty Never Dies
Amninder Stay Alive
Amolroop Beautiful
Amrapali Kind of Mango; Princess; Famous Courtesan who Became a Devotee of Buddha
Amrinder Beauty
Amritpal One Protected by the Lord's Nectar
Amalinder Pure God
Amaninder Add Meaning
Amanpreet The Protector of Peace; One who Loves Peace
Amarpreet The Immortal Love of Lord; Immortal Love of God
Amritkala Nectarine Art
Amritleen One Imbued in the Lord's Nectar
Amanjeevan One who Lives a Peaceful Life
Amritvaani Sweet Voice; True Saying