Sikh baby Girl names starting with Ja

Sikh baby girl names starting with letter 'Ja' for Punjab Parents who are in search for cool, sweet and cute modern baby names and meanings. Modern Indian Sikh baby girl names, listed with a thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby girl names list. Sikhism /Punjabi Girl names starting / beginning with Ja. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 60 baby girl names with the name starting -'Ja' in this page.

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Name Meaning
Jai Flower; Victorious; Jasmine
Jap Holy Chanting of Word; To Descend
Jat True Indian
Jaap Guru
Jaddi Family
Jagev World Lord
Jakkh Holy One; A Devout Worshipper; A Demi God
Janet God's Gracious Gift; Female Version of John; The Lord is Gracious; Gift from God; God is Gracious
Jassi Special Angel; Beauty
Jagjot Light of the World
Jaimal Garland of Victory; Glory with the Union of God
Jamena Holy River
Japeen Spiritual
Japjot Simron of God
Japman Meditative Mind
Japuji Praier of God; To Recite God's Name
Jasbir A Brave One who Sings God's Praises
Jasgun Famous; Quality
Jashan Joy; Celebration; Happy; Celebrate
Jashar Love with God
Jasjit Victory
Jasmeh Absorbed in Praising God
Jasmin A Flower Name; God's Gift; A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine; Jasmime Flower; A Plant in the Olive Family; Fragrant Flower
Jasmit Famed
Jasnam One Singing the Glories of Naam
Jasvir A Brave One who Sings God's Praises
Jazlyn Music; Beautiful Jasmine; A Flower in the Olive Family; Combination of Jazman and Lynn
Jagdeep Light of the World
Jagroop Light of the World
Japleen Religious
Japneer Holy Water
Japneet Daily Praised of God
Jasdeep Brave; Light of God
Jasleen In the Name of God; Successful; Lost in Gods Name
Jasmeen A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine
Jasmeer One who is Fragrantly Praiseworthy
Jasmeet Famed; Helpful; Glorious Friend
Jasmine Fragrant Flower; Flower of Jasmine; Gift from God; A Plant in the Olive Family
Jasmira Scents of the Forest
Jasnaad Worshiper of God
Jasneet Good Intentions Rewarded with God's Grace
Jasnoor The Light of God
Jaspaul Glorious Protector
Jasreen Talented; Intelligent
Jasroop Sweet Beauty
Jasveen Pride
Jasveer A Brave One who Sings God's Praises
Jaswant Worthy of Praise
Jasweer Victorious
Jaylene Jay Bird; Happy
Jagpreet Love for World
Jaipreet The Victory of Love
Jaismeen A Flower's Name
Jalinder Beautiful; Always Positive
Japkirat Holy Chanting of Decent Pure Word
Jaskaran Faithful; Person who Sings Praises of God; Praises by Everyone
Jaskirat Brilliant; One who Sings Praises of the Lord
Jasmilan Gorgeous; A Person Having Intelligence; Disciplined
Jaspreet One who Loves to Sing Praises of the Lord
Jatinder Win over Emotions; One who has Conquered the Five Evils; The King of World
Jazzleen Similar to Jazleen
Jagjinder God of Heaven and Earth
Jakkhleen One Absorbed in Worship
Japsimran Hope
Jasandeep Lights of Happiness
Jashanjot Light of Celebrations
Jaskeerat One who Sings Praises of the Lord
Jaskirtan Sing Hymns of Praise
Jasminder Lord's Glory
Jaspinder Plant of Praise; The One of Many Lives
Jassimrat Remembering the Name of the Lord
Jaswinder Thunderbolt of Indra
Jangpartap Valorous Warrior
Jannatpreet Love of Paradise
Jashanpreet Love to Victiory
Jasgurkirtat Praise of God
Jasmeet-Kaur Add Meaning
Jaskirat-Kaur Goodness; Lioness
Jaswider-Kaur Add Meaning