Sikh baby Girl names starting with Pa

Sikh baby girl names starting with letter 'Pa' for Punjab Parents who are in search for cool, sweet and cute modern baby names and meanings. Modern Indian Sikh baby girl names, listed with a thinking that You could find a name from this favorite baby names list. Sikhism /Punjabi Girl names starting / beginning with Pa. Sikh parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of cute Punjabi / Sikh Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 30 baby girl names with the name starting -'Pa' in this page.

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Name Meaning
Pal Moment of Life; Every Movement; God Time
Pat Patrician; Noble; Lady; Female Version of Patrick
Pahar Hour; Time of Day
Pahul Goddess; Amrit ( Holy Water ); Nectar; Pure
Palam Beautiful
Panya Admired; Glorious; Excellent
Pavan Wind; Pure; Who Removes Bad Energy
Paven Wind; Air
Payal Foot Ornament
Pareet Love; The One who Loves the Lord
Partit Faith
Parwah Supremely Wonderful
Parwan Acceptable
Pardeep Light; Interest
Parleen Always Faithful to God
Parneet Requested; Calmness
Partapi Majestic; Courageous
Parteek Symbol
Parteet Faith
Parveer Brave
Palpreet Helping
Parambir The Greatest of Warriors
Paramjit Supremely Victorious
Parbhjot Gods Light
Parinoor Light of Fairy
Parveena Loving; Charming and Lucky
Pavandip Wind; Light
Pavanjot Light in Wind; Flammable Wind
Padamdeep Thousand Billions; Of Regions; Of Lotus Petalled Lamps
Padamjeet Victory of the Lotus
Palakdeep A Child of God
Parabneet Something to do with God
Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine
Paramjeet Supremely Victorious
Parmindar God of Gods
Parminder God of Gods
Parmpreet Love of God
Parvender Loving God Fellow
Parvinder Intelligent; Love; God of Gods
Pavandeep Firmament Illuminated; Lamp of Heavens
Paraminder Supreme God of Heaven
Parphullat Happy; Contended
Parteekjot Symbol of Light
Pavenpreet Lover of Wind; Air
Palkeet-Kour Tears of Eyes
Parmeet-Kaur Wisdom