Telugu baby Boy names starting with Ja

Telugu baby boy names (Andhra/ Telangana) baby names starting with Ja / beginning with Ja (examples : Jai, Jayram). Telugu baby names for boy child beginning with pronunciation 'Ja'. Telugu parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Telugu Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed some cute baby boy names with the name starting letter -'Ja'. We have listed some baby boy names beginning with Ja.

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Name Meaning
Jai Victory; Conqueror; Winning; A Kind of Flute; Defeater; The Victorious One; Variant of Names Like Jason and Jacob
Jap Personal Chanting of the Holy Name; Chanting; Make Melodic Sounds
Jahi Dignified
Janu Soul; Life Force
Japa Chanting
Jagad Universe
Jagan Universe; World
Jagat The Universe; World
Jaggu Intelegent; Better than Infinity
Jahan The World; Universe
Jahnu A Rishi
Jalad Giving Water
Jalal Glory; Loftiness; Sublimity; Glory of the Faith; Greatness; Another Name for God; Famous; Important; Exalted; Grandeur
Jalil Revered; Capable; Mighty; Exalted; Honourable; Great; Radiance; Influence
Janak Kind; Creator; Father of Goddess Sita; Good Man
Janam Crowd; Birth; Lover
Janav Protecting Men; Name of Lord Krishna
Japan Muttering Prayers
Jashu God
Jatan Nurturing
Jatin Saint; Matted Hair; Lord Shiva; Saintly
Jatya Pleasing
Javin Swift; Fast
Jayad Causing Victory
Jayin Conqueror
Jadhav A Yadava; A Strong Warrior
Jagath The Universe
Jagdeo God of the World
Jagesh Lord of the World
Jagger Hunter; A Teamster; Strong; Loyal
Jagish Lord of the Universe
Jagrav Awakened
Jaidev God of Victory
Jainil Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue
Jaipal Lord Brahma; Associated to Lord Vishnu; Victory of the Provider
Jairaj Lord of Victory
Jairam Victory of Lord Rama
Jaisal Famous Folk
Jaitra Leading to Victory; Life to Victory
Jaival Life Giving
Jaldev God of Water
Jalesh Lord of Water
Janesh Lord of Men
Janith Born
Jannan Victorious
Japesh Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva
Jashan Celebrate; Celebration
Jashun Celebration
Jaspal King
Jasraj King of Fame
Jatayu Fibrous; Bird
Jathin A Name of Lord Shiva
Javesh Related to God
Jayant Victorious; Hall of Fame; Son of Lord Indra
Jayesh Full of Happiness; Winner of a Game; Victor
Jaabili Moon
Jagadev Lord of the World
Jagadip Lamp of the Universe
Jagdeep Light of the Universe; Lamp of the World
Jagdish King of the World
Jaideep Victory to the Light
Jaigath Victorious
Jaimini An Ancient Philosopher
Jaishva Karting Victory
Jaisukh Joy of Winning
Jaithra Lord Vishnu
Jaivant Victorious
Jaiveer Great Victory Man; Victorious
Jaiwant Victory
Jaldhar Clouds
Jalendu Moon in the Water; J God Shiva
Jankesh Lord of his Subjects
Janmesh The King of his Kundli
Jasamit Protected by Fame
Jasapal Very Famous; God Shiva
Jasbeer Victorious Hero
Jashith Protector
Jashwin Glow
Jasveer Hero of Fame
Jatasya The Ocean
Jawahar Gold; Jewel; Pure; Diamond
Jayanta Victorious; Lord Vishnu
Jayanth Victorious
Jayapal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Bramha
Jayaraj Prince; Brilliant; Victory of Kingdom
Jaysukh Pleasure of Victory
Jagadayu Life Spring of the Universe
Jagadeep Light of the World
Jagadesh King of the Universe
Jagadish Lord of the Universe; God; Master of the Universe
Jagajeet Conquerer of the World
Jaganmay Spread over the Universe
Jagatpal Caretaker of the World; God
Jagmohan One who Attracts the World
Jaichand Victory of the Moon
Jaidayal Victory of Kindness
Jaigopal Victory of Lord Krishna
Jalendra Lord of the Water
Janardan One who Helps People; Lord Vishnu
Janvijay Win over People; A King
Japendra Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva
Jashwith Brightness
Jaswanth Famous; Victorious
Jayadeep Light of Victory
Jayadeva God of Victory
Jayaseel Honest
Jayawant Victorious
Jayendra Lord of Victory
Jagadeesh The Sun Light of the World; Lord Vishnu
Jagadhidh Lord of the World
Jagadhish Lord of the World
Jagannath Lord of the World; Lord Vishnu; Lord of the Universe
Jagatguru Preceptor of the World
Jagatveer Bravest in the World; Jagveer
Jagjeevan Worldly Life
Jakarious Peaceful Friend
Janakidas Servant of Janaki
Janakiram Lord Ram
Janamejay Lord Vishnu; An Ancient King
Janardhan Intellegent; One who Helps People
Jashwanth Famous
Jayachand Ancient King of Kannauj
Jayaditya Victorious Sun
Jayandeep Light of Knowledge
Jayaraman Victorious Lord Ram
Jayswaran Lord of win
Jagadbandu Lord Krishna
Jagajeevan Life of the World
Jaikapeesh Hail Monkey God
Jaikrishna Victory of Lord Krishna
Jainarayan Victory
Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva
Jaivardhan Lord Shiva
Jalbhushan Ornament of Water
Janakinath Lord Rama
Jagatbehari World Traveler; Jagvihari
Jagatkishor World Child
Jagatprabhu God of the World
Janakiraman Husband of Janaki
Jayachandra Victory of Moon
Jayakrishan Victorious Krishna
Jayaprakash Light of Victory
Jayashekhar Crest of Victory
Jayavardhan Goal; Victorious One
Jagadeeshwar Empire of the World
Jagatprakash Light of the World
Jagannadharao Like Krishna
Janakibhushan Ornament of Janki
Jayavishnusurya Victory