Telugu baby Boy names starting with Pu

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Telugu baby boy names (Andhra/ Telangana) baby names starting with Pu / beginning with Pu (examples : Purushotham, Pushpesh). Telugu baby names for boy child beginning with pronunciation 'Pu'. Telugu parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Telugu Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed some cute baby boy names with the name starting letter -'Pu'. We have listed some of baby boy names beginning with Pu.

Scroll and find the Telugu baby boy names starting with letter "Pu".

Name • Meaning
Puru Heaven; Abundant; Name of a King; A Legendary King Yayati
Pugal Fame; Glory
Pujan The Ceremony of Worshipping
Pujit Worshipped
Pulak Joy; Joyful
Pulin Adorable; Beautiful
Punil Beautiful
Punit Holy; Untouched; Good; Pure
Puran Reality; Complete
Purav East; Chanting Voice from East at Sunrise
Pusan A Sage
Pushp Flower
Pulish Name of a Sage
Pulkit Joy; Happiness; Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed; Smiling Flower; Generous
Punith Pure
Purush Spirit; Person; Being; Man
Pukhraj Gem; Topaz
Puneeth Happy; Pure; Holy; Purity
Purahan Lord Shiva
Purajit Lord Shiva
Purohit A Brahmin Priest
Purujit Conqueror of City
Pushkal Lord Shiva
Pushkar Lotus; A Lake
Pushpad Who who Gives Flowers
Pushpaj Born from a Flower
Pushpak Mythical Vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Puskara Blue Lotus; Fountain
Pulakesh Joyous
Pulastya An Ancient; A Rishi; Smooth Haired
Pundalik Lotus
Pundarik White Lotus
Purandar Lord Indra
Puranjay Lord Shiva
Purnayan Who has Born with Full of his Mother and Father
Purnendu Full Moon
Pururava The Founder of Chandra Dynasty
Pushpesh Lord of Flowers
Purnanada God
Purumitra Friend of City
Pushpakar The Spring Season; Vasant; Flower Season
Pugalendhi Glorious; Admirable
Punyabrata Dedicated to the Good
Punyasloka Sacred Verse
Purna-Gopi Goddess of Grains
Purshottam Lord Vishnu
Pushpaketu Kamdev; Cupid
PushpMitra An Ancient Ruler
Purushottam Highest of Beings; Lord Rama; The Supreme Soul; Lord Vishnu; Best Among Men
Pushyamitra Name of Rivar
Purushottham Lord Visnu; Great in Male Gender; Good Man