Telugu baby girl names starting with Re

Telugu baby girl names (Andhra/ Telangana) baby names starting with Re / beginning with Re (examples : Rea, Renu). Telugu baby names for girl child beginning with pronunciation 'Re'. Telugu parents can find Baby Names on this website - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare and cute Telugu Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed some cute baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Re'. We have listed some of baby girl names beginning with Re.

Scroll and find the Telugu baby girl names starting with letter "Re".

Name Meaning
Rea Poppy; Earth; In Greek Myth; Rhea was an Earth Mother; Following; Victor; To Flow; River; Stream; Flower Name for Poppy; Warrior
Reha Star
Renu Atom; Universe
Reva Sweat Heart; A Star; Another Name of River Narmada; One who Snares
Rewa Swift
Rebha Sings Praises
Reema Goddess of Durga; White Antelope; Gazelle; Gem
Reena Artistic; Gem; Dissolve; Reborn
Reeta Pearl; Variant Form of Rita; Sings Praises
Rehwa Ancient Name of River Narmada
Rekha Line; Artwork; Beauty; The Heart of God; Limit
Reshu Pure Soul
Reethi Method; Manner
Rehana Air; Sweet Smelling Plant; Air of Heaven
Renuka Moonlight; The Mother of Parasurma; The Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Wife of Jamadagni Rishi
Resham Silk
Reshma Silk; Ayurvedic Medicine; Silken; Atom; Atom of Museum; Silky; Sweet Revenge
Reshmi Silken; Silky
Revati Wife of Balarama; A Star; Prosperity
Reemika A Pure Beauty
Reneeka Song
Reshika Light
Revathi Wealth; Cute; Star; Wife of Balabhadra
Reethika Surprise
Reshitha Rising of End