100 Tamil baby girl names with Na

Tamil baby girl names with starting alphabet 'Na' with meanings. This collection of baby girl names with pronunciation starting letter "Na" would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil parents in search of Baby girl Names can find the best collection of names from this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 100 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Na'.

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Name Meaning
Nala Successful; Beloved; Queen; Stem of Flower; Stem; Hollow Reed; Any Hollow Pipe; Olive
Nami Wave; Lord Vishnu
Naya To Admire God
Nachi Fire
Nadia Caller; Moist; Tender; Delicate; Hopeful; Announcer; Beginning; Living Hope; First
Nagai God Snake
Nahla Dust; A Drink; A Drink of Water
Naima Belonging to One; Graceful; Comfort; Tranquil; To be Contented; Form of Naemi
Naina Eyes; Name of a Goddess
Namya To be Bowed to
Nancy God's Flavour; A Bird; Full of Grace
Nandu Cute than Anything
Naomi Enjoyment; Pleasure; Above All; Beauty; Delightful; Es-tower of Joy; Ganga; Honest Beautiful; Mother-in-law of Ruth; Pleasantness
Navya Novel; New; Worth Praising; Young; Beauty of Queens; Sweet; Intelligent; Hard Worker; Great: Previlege:; Great
Nayam Good
Nazma Star
Nabhya Central
Nadira Pinnacle; Rare; Precious
Nadiya Hope; Generous; Successful
Naimah Delight
Naisha Special
Nakula Goddess Parvati
Nalika Lotus
Nalina Lotus
Nalini Noushad; Lotus; Fd; Godess of Vedas
Namana Bending
Namita Humble; Precious One; Kind-hearted
Nangai Cultured Lady
Nargis Flower; Narcissus
Narine Related to a Flower of Delicate Appearance; Victory
Navami New; Nineth Tithi in Astrology
Navika New
Navina Youthful; Younger; New
Navita New
Naviya New One
Nayana Most Beautiful Eyes; One with Attractive Eyes
Nayani Sweet Eyes
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabhita Fearless
Nadanam Beautiful Dance
Nainika Pupil of the Eye
Najeena Jewellery
Nallini Excellent and Sweet
Nambini Believing; Confident and Sweet
Namitha Simple; Humble
Namrata Love; Modesty; Softness; Modesty Sensible; Politeness; Good Behaviour
Nandana Daughter; Flower; Happiness; Goddess Durga; Great Achiever
Nandika Goddess Laxmi; Water Vessel Made Up of Clay
Nandini Bestower of Joy; Goddess Durga; A Holy Cow; One who Brings Joy; Fathers Daughter Bestower of Joy; Innocence; Beautiful; Waste of Joy; Ganga; Fathers Daughter; Daughter who Brings Joy
Nandita Smile; Happy; Spread Love
Nanmani Brilliant Gem; Excellent Gem
Nanmoli Admirable Language; Admirable Word
Naomika Durga; Lakshmi
Naresha Lord of Mankind
Narmada Peace; One who Arouses Tender Feelings in Others; River Narmada
Nashita Energetic and Full of Life; Loves her Life
Natasha Child Born at Christmas; Rebirth-from Anastasia; A Flower; Christ's Birthday; Form of Natalie; Resurrection
Nathika New One
Nathiya Sweet; Eternal
Natisha Star; Birthday; Christmas Day
Natkuna With Good Character
Navdeep New Shine
Naveena New
Navisha Lord Shiva
Naynika Eye
Nazeeha Honest
Naamagal Magnificent Poetess; Orator
Nabanita A New Life
Nabhanya Celestial
Nabhitha Fearless
Nabishka Add Meaning
Nagammal Mother of Snake
Naganika Serpent Maiden
Naishada Poetry
Naksatra The Constellations or Stars
Nalayani River
Nalayini Special
Namratha Obedient
Nandhika Goddess Lakshmi
Nanditha Happiness; Happy
Nanmalar Admirable Flower; Excellent Flower
Nanmuthu Bright Like a Pearl; Excellent Pearl
Nanthini Goddess Parvati / Lakshmi
Narayani Goddess Lakshmi
Narmadha One who Arouses Tender Feelings in Others; River Narmada
Narthana Dance
NatSelvi Accomplished Girl
Navamani New Gem; 9 Gems
Navarasi Fresh Jasmine Flower
Navneeta Butter Like
Nayonika Bright Eye; One with Expressive Eye
Naavarasi Magnificent Poetess; Orator
Nagadepan Flower
Nagajothi Snake
Nageswari Goddess of the Mountain; Elephants; King of Serpents
Nakshatra Star; Pearl; Twinkle Star
Nallammai Excellent Girl
Nallammal Excellent Girl
Nallarasi Onre with Lotus Like Eyes
Narumalar Fragrance Flower
Natchelvi Good Girl
Navadurga All Nine Forms of Durga
Navanisha New Night
Navanitha New
Navanithy Silent
Nayantara Iris
NadanaMani Beautiful Dancer
Nakshathra Star
Nalinaksha Lotus-eyed
Navaneetha Newly Lighted Lamp
Navathurga Goddess Amman
Nayanthara Super Sight
Nagalakshmi Central
Naguleswary Goddess Amman
Natthamarai Excellent Lotus Flower; Name of a Flower; Lotus
Nayanthrayayini Beautiful Eyes; Light in Dark