150 Tamil Baby Girl names starting with letter A : 02

150 Tamil baby girl names starting with alphabet 'A' has been listed and sorted for You. The other pages are 01 Page and 04 Page and Page 03. This collection of baby girl names with letter A would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil People, parents in search of Baby Girls Names can find a useful collection of names in this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 150 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'A'.

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Name Meaning
Aburva Wonder
Achala Steady; Mountain; River; Constant; Stable
Adanna Father's Loving Daughter; One who is the Loving Daughter of a Father; Father's Pride
Adhana One without Money
Adhira Lightning; Jasmine; Success
Adhiti Learned Man; Scholar
Adisri Mother of Gods
Adithi Freedom; Safety; Abundance; Guest
Aditya Goddess Parvati; Sun; The First; Lord of the Sun
Adveka Unique
Advika Unique
Adwita Unique
Agalya Lovable; Light; Accommodations; Adaptation; Fine-tuning
Agamya Knowledge; Wisdom
Agilaa Globe; World; Humankind
Agneya Daughter of Agni (Fire)
Ahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam; Women Rescued by Lord Rama
Ahilya Maiden; Without Any Deformation; Wife of Gautam Rishi; A Woman who was Saved by Lord Rama
Aiesha Woman; Alive; She who Lives; Life; Lively; Perfect (Women)
Aiyana Eternal Blossom; Forever Flowering; Mirror; Ever Blooming; Prosperous
Ajeeta Invincible; Unconquerable
Ajitha Winner; Unbeatable
Akalya Wish
Akhila Brilliant; Beauty; Complete
Akilah Intelligent; Logical; Intelligent One who Reasons; Wise
Aksaya Everlasting
Alisha A Star; God Gifted; Protected by God; Nobility; Blessing of God
Alpana Decorative Design; Beautiful
Amarta Immortality
Ambika Goddess Parvati / Durga
Ambuja Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi; Born from Lotus
Ameena Trustworthy; Faithful
Ameera Leader; Princess; Rich Woman; Similar to Amira; Well Populated
Amelia Trustworthy; Industrious; Work Labour; Fertile; Effort; Strain; Work of the Lord; Strong; Flower
Amisha Most Beautiful
Amitha Unique
Amithi Immeasurable
Ammani Gem of a Girl
Amogaa Happiness
Amogha Fruitful
Amrita Immortality; Nectar; Cute
Amudha Lively; Sweet; Wealth of Ambrosia
Amulya Priceless; Valuable; Precious
Amutha Happines; Lively
Anagha Sinless; Soft; Goddess Parvati / Lakshmi; Price Less
Anagya Durga
Anaiya She who Brings Sunshine; God's Promised One; Light of God
Anandi Always Happy; Joyful; Unending
Ananga Sinless; Goddess Lakshmi
Anangu Human Being
Ananta Prosperous; Free; Without End; Infinite; Joyful; Unending
Ananya Inalienability; Limitless Feeling; Endless; Beautiful Star; Matchless; Nice; Unique; Careful; Incomparable
Anathi Modest; Respectful; Joyful; Peaceful
Anbini Kind and Sweet; Adorable
Anchal The Decorative End of a Sari
Andika Elder Sister
Andrea Manly; A Man's Woman; Beautiful and Dared; St Andrews; Feminine Form of Andrew; Warrior; Strong
Aneesa Friendly; Of Good Company; Companion; Affectionate
Aneeta Grace
Angana An Suspicious or Handsome Woman
Angela Heavenly Messenger; Angel; Messenger from God
Angeli Gift; Offering
Angeni Spirit
Anicka Grace
Anisha Pure; Grace; Continuous; Day; Supreme; Fun; One who Brings Hope; Name of Goddess Saraswati; Bright; Variant of Anne or Agnes
Anitha Grace; Favour
Anitra Gracious; Grace; Offering with Both Ends; Favour
Anjala Perfect; God
Anjali Join Hands; Palms Together; Offering with Both Hands; An Angel; Offering
Anjana Mother of Lord Hanuman
Anjani Illusion; Maya; Mother of Lord Hanuman; Unknown
Anjeli Gift; Offering
Anjika Blessed
Anjini Mother of Hanuman
Ankita Baby of Sun; Marked; Lovable; Conquered; A Signet; Symbol; Signet; Marked by God; Most Beautiful
Annika Grace; Sweet Faced; Different; God is Gracious; God has Shown Favour; Goddess Durga
Ansika Beautiful
Antara Who Lives in One's Heart; The Second Note in Hindustani Classical Music; A Musical Sur
Anusha The Universe; Beautiful Morning; A Star; Following Desires; First Ray which Brings Health and Wealth; Name of Star; Dawn
Anusri Glorious; Famous; Happiness
Anvita Connected; Following; Who Bridges the Gap; Absorbed
Anwita Goddess Durga
Aparna Leafless; Precious Gemstone; Leaf; Dream; Goddess Parvati ( Goddess who Possess the Power of Strength) Wife of God Shiva
Apisha Expected
Apsara Angel; Beauty; Celestial Maiden
Apurva Unique; Precious; Different from Everyone; Rare
Aranie Goddess Amman
Aranya Forest
Arathi Worship; Praise of God
Ariana Pledge; Land of Arians; Noble; Pure; Very Holy Woman; Like Silver; Golden Life
Ariivu Wise Understanding Woman
Arista Harvest; Excellence
Aroona Dawn
Arpana Surrendered; Offering
Arpita Dedicated; The One who Gives
Arshia Heavenly
Arumai Unique
Arushi First Ray of Sun; Beauty; Dawn; Red Sky in the Early Morning; S
Arutpa Divine Song
Aryana Noble; Utterly Pure
Asanya Goddess of Beauty
Ashana Daughter of Bali; Friend
Ashani Lightening
Ashika One without Sorrow; Mercury; Limitless
Ashini Lightning
Ashira Wealthy
Ashley Meadow of Ash Trees; Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow; Ash-tree Meadow; Ash Wood
Ashnaa Daughter of King Bali
Ashoka Without Grief
Asmika Beauty; Beautiful Soul
Asmita Glories; Love; Identity; Pride
Asvika A Little Mare; Little Horse
Asvini Of Great Wealth; Swift
Aswani Name of a Star
Aswini Healer of Devas; Name of Star
Atchya Infinity
Athena Goddess of Wisdom; Goddess; Skill; God of Intelligence
Athira A Full Moon Night; A Star; Powerful; Prayer; Quick; Lightening; Jasmine (Tamil Literature)
Avaani On Course; The Bed of a River; The Earth
Avanti Modest; Ancient City of Ujjain
Avneet Kind Hearted; Always Sweet; Friendly
Ayaana Pretty Flower
Ayanna Innocent; Beautiful Flower; Royal; Mirror
Ayasha Little One
Ayesha Woman; Life; Small One; Simple; Successes; Wife of Prophet
Ayiana Eternal Bloom
Ayurda Bestower of Longevity
Ayushi Long Life
Azhagi Beautiful
Azhana Fire
Aadhaya First Power
Aadhira Restless; Moon
Aakriti Shape; Form; Design; Diagram
Aaliyah To Ascend; High; Lofty; Sublime; Highly Exalted; Tall; Towering; The High; Exalted One
Aanchal Protective Shelter of Mother
Aaranam Name of an Ornament; Ornament Name
Aaranie Goddess Amman
Aarashi First Ray of Sun
Aarisha Mirror
Aarunya First Ray of the Sun
Aarusha First Rays of the Morning Sun
Aarushi First Ray of the Sun; Careful
Aashika Lovable
Aashini Lightning
Aashita One who is Full of Hope
Aathavi The Sun is the Star at the Centre of the Solar System; It is Almost Perfectly Spherical and Consists of Hot Plasma Interwoven with Magnetic Fields; Sun
Aatmaja Daughter
Aatmika Aathma; Soul
Aavirai Flower Name
Aayushi One with Long Life; Live Long
Abayomi Pleasant Meeting; From Yoruba; Brings Joy
Abhidha Literal Meaning
Abhimaa Terrify; Scaring Others