150 Tamil Baby Girl names starting with letter A : 03

150 Tamil baby girl names starting with alphabet 'A' has been listed and sorted for You. The other pages are 01 Page and 02 Page and Page 04. . This collection of baby girl names with letter A would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil People, parents in search of Baby Girls Names can find a useful collection of names in this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 150 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'A'.

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Name Meaning
Abhisri Surrounded by Glory; Shining; Powerful
Abhitha Fearless; Goddess Parvati
Abiksha A Star
Abinaya God; Pretty Girl; Lovely; Sweet
Abirami Friendly; Goddess Laxmi; Pleasure of God
Abishai My Father is a Gift
Abishni Very Cute; Kindly Heart; Love of Family
Adarsha Ideal
Adhirai Worship Lady; Faith her Husband; Fire Never Touch
Agnikaa Daughter of Fire; Born from the Fire
Ahilyaa A Famous Historical Name; Wife of a Rishi
Aishani Another Name of Goddess Durga
Ajantha Creative; A Famous Buddhist Cave
Akaisha Flower
Akansha Lovable; Wish; Desire
Akruthi Shape
Akshada Cute; Rice
Akshara Letter; Indestructible (Not Able to Destroy)
Akshaya Special Star; Indestructible; Gold; Rich
Akshika One with Beautiful Eyes
Akshita Wonder; Seen; Wonderful; Permanent; Constant; Limitless
Aksithi Imperishably
Alagini Beautiful and Sweet
Alamelu Goddess; God Balaji Wife Name; Lotus
Aleesha Noble; Nobility; Noble Sort; Variant of Alice; Protected by God; Truthful
Alekhya Which cannot be Written; Picture; Painting
Alshifa Good; Homely; Sweet; Lovable; Trustable
Amaidhi Peace
Amalika Peerless
Ambigai Goddess Amman
Ambikai Goddess Durga
Amirtha Elixir of Life
Amodini Happy Girl; Joyful; Pleasurable
Amrisha Truth; Lucky
Amritha Nectar; Art; Immortality
Amrusha Sudden
Amrutha Nectar
Amsrika Beautiful
Amudham Sweet
Amuthaa Sweet; Wealth of Ambrosia; Lively
Amutham Sweet
Anajana Mother of God
Anamika Name of Goddess Durga; Mysterious; The One without a Name; Ring-finger; Person who does Not have Name
Anandhi Always Merry and Full of Smiles; Joyful
Anantha Endless; Eternal
Ananthi Endless; Infinite; Lord Shiva; Who has No End
Anantya Endless; Eternal
Anasuya Rain; Without Spite or Envy; Wife of Rishi Atri
Anbulam Lovely; Kind-hearted
Anchala One End of Saree which is Free
Anchika Something to Worship
Anchita Honoured; Worshipped
Aneesah Affectionate; Close; Intimate; Good Friend; Of Good Company
Aneesha Victory; Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is Supreme; Pure; Friendly; Inmate
Anganaa Study; Beautiful Woman
Anicham Flower Name; Name of a Beautiful Flower
Aniksha Unobstructed
Anishka Who has Friends; No Enemies
Anjalai Modest; Mark of Respect
Ankitha With Auspicious Marks
Annamma Who Gives Food
Annanya Unique
Anshika Body of Part; Minute Particle; Part of Parents; Particle
Anshula Sparkle; Radiant; Glowing; Sunny; Bright; One who is Humble and Kind
Anubama Divine Blessing
Anuksha Every Moment
Anumaya Add Meaning
Anumeha After the Rain
Anumita Love and Kindness
Anunaya Unique; Unparalleled
Anupama Matchless; Unique; Unparalleled; Without Equal; Incomparable; Beautiful
Anuraga Beloved
Anurati Consent
Anushka Attractive; Flowers; Guardian of Beautiful Flowers; Twinkling Star; A Term of Endearment; Favour; Grace; Goddess Durga; First Ray of Sun; Drop; First Flower of Tree; Fulfilment of Desire
Anushra Most Pretty
Anushri Goddess; Pretty; Goddess Annapurana; Wife of Lord Shiva / Vishnu
Anusuya Non-jealous; Wife of the Sage
Anvisha Goddess; Extraordinary Beauty; Adored Woman
Anwesha Invention; Quest; Love; Search
Apeksha Expected
Apoorva Unique; Never Before
Apsaras Beautiful Ladies who Dance in the Court of Indra; Rambha; Urvasi; Menaka
Apshara Unique Friend
Aradhna Worship
Arakodi Righteous Girl
Aramoli Righteous Word
Archana Prayer; Worship
Archini Ray of Light
Archita One who is Worshipped; A Ray of Light
Arianna Holy One
Arivoli Ray of Intelligence
Arpitha Devotee of God; Daughter of God; Dedicated; Tribute; To Dedicate Something
Arshaya Desire
Arshida Beautiful
Arshini God Lakshmi; Blessing
Arshiya Sky; Heavenly
Arudhra Lord Shiva
Arunika Passionate; Bright; Life Giving; Red; First Light
Arunima Pearly; Glow of Dawn; Red Glow; First Rays of the Morning Sun
Ashmita Pride; Bold; Strong
Ashrita Helpfully; Dependant
Ashvika Cool; Goddess Santoshi Maata
Ashwika Goddess Santhoshi Mata
Ashwina Child of the Star
Ashwini Angel; Attractive; Good; Name of a Star; Star; Powerful Horse; Female Horse
Aslesha Star; A Constellation of Stars; Embrace
Asmitha Pride
Aswathi Name of a Star; Aswa means Horse
Athipoo Name of a Flower
Avanija One Born out of the Earth; Sita; Wife of Lord Rama
Avanika The Earth; Powerful
Avanita The Earth
Avanthi Light; Love; Name of a Historical City
Avighna Without Any Hindrance; Ignorant
Awinita Fawn; Polish
Aadhirai A Special Star
Aakaksha Desire
Aakarsha Above Everybody
Aakruthi Shape
Aaradhya Devotee; Worship; Goddess; Beautiful; Like a God
Aashinya Beautiful Home
Aashirya From the Land of God
Aathirai Red Star
Aathmika Related to Aatma; Soul
Abhidhya Wish; Longing
Abhilasa Desire; Wish
Abhinaya Acting; Actress; Action; Expressions; Act
Abhirami Goddess Gouri; Goddess Parvati
Abhirupa Beautiful Woman
Abilasha Wish; Desire; Goddess Lakshmi
Abiradhi Delight; Pleasure; Joy; Jovialit; Hilarity
Abishika Add Meaning
Achyutha Immovable
Adwiteya Matchless; Unique
Adwitiya Matchless; The First
Agalvili Broad Eye; Wide Eye
Aganagai A Semiprecious Stone; Inner Happiness
Agnaeyie Daughter of Fire
Aiswarya Wealth; Good Luck; Intellectual; Thinking Best; Beautiful; Goddess Lakshmi; Well Mannered
Akanksha Desire Expectations; Wish; Desire; Hope
Akshaana Eye
Akshatha No End; Rice
Akshayah Everlasting
Allikodi Alli Flower Vine
Amanisha Faithful
Ambuvili Piercing Eyes; Eyes Resembling an Arrow Tip
Amirthaa Sweetened Ambrosia
Amizhtha Add Meaning
Amodhini Joyful
Amrapali Kind of Mango; Princess; Famous Courtesan who Became a Devotee of Buddha
Amsaveni A Ray of Light
Amudhini Sweet
Amuthini Sweet