150 Tamil Baby Girl names starting with letter A : 04

150 Tamil baby girl names starting with alphabet 'A' has been listed and sorted for You. The other pages are 01 Page and 02 Page and Page 03. This collection of baby boys names with letter A would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil People, parents in search of Baby Girls Names can find a useful collection of names in this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 150 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'A'.

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Name Meaning
Anaamika Name of Ring Finger
Anandika Happy Person
Anandini Joyful
Anantika Endless
Anarkali Pomegranate Blossom
Anayanna Pretty
Anbalagi Beautiful Lovable Person; Lovely and Beautiful
Anbarasi A Kindful Girl
Anbaruvi Kind-hearted
Anbumani Lovely Gem
Anbumoli Lovable Language; Lovable Words; Who Speaks Kindly
Angammal Beautiful
Angarika A Flame-coloured Flower-palash; Flame of the Forest
Angelica Daughter of a Great Father; Angel Sent; Scent; Sense; Angelic; Angel; Messenger
Angelika Angelic; Messenger from God
Anjalika One of Arjuna's Arrows
Annakili Bird
Annakodi Tree on which the Bird Sits
Annammal Swan Bird; Able to Discriminate Between Good and Bad
Anoushka A Term of Endearment; Fulfilment of Desire; Favour; Grace; Flower
Anugraha Divine Blessing
Anulekha One who Follows Destiny
Anumegha Following the Rain
Anumitha Love and Kindness
Anunitha Courtesy
Anupriya Beloved
Anuradha Name of a Star; Bright Star
Anurakta Devotee; Obedient
Anushree Goddess Laxmi
Anusooya Goddess Lakshmi; Talented with Silence
Aradhana Worship; Prayer; Devoted Effort
Aramagal Righteous Girl
Aravaani Righteous
Aravalli Right Way
Archisha A Ray of Light
Arivudai Intelligent
Arshitha Blessed; Heavenly; Divine
ArulDevi Blessed
Arulmani Blessed Gem
ArulMoli God's Word
ArulVili Eyes Radiating Grace
Ashavari Name of a Raaga
Ashmitha Rock Born; Very Hard and Strong
Ashritha One of Ganeshas Name; One who Gives Shelter; Dependant; Protected by God
Ashvitha Strong; Bright
Ashwanya Great Personality
Ashwathi One of the Star
Ashwathy The Angel
Athashri Add Meaning
Atpudham Miracle
Auxiliya Love
Avantika Princess of Ujjain; City of Ujjain; Goddess
Avathara Goddess in Human Reflection
Avinashi Indestructible
Ayyammal Child of Ayyappan
Aabharana Jewel
Aadumayil First; Preliminary; Dancing Peacock
Aaradhana Respectable; Worship; Prayer
Aaratrika Dusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant
Aarchisha Ray of Sun
Aaruthira Mellowness; Tranquility; Softness
Aashiyana Beautiful Home; Small Dwelling; Nest
Aashritha Helping Nature; Somebody who Gives Shelter; Goddess Parvati
Abhilasha Desire; Wish; Hope
Abhinithi That which is Already been Performed; Friendship
Abhishree To Enlighten
Adhishree Exalted
Ahladitha Delighted
Akshainie Goddess Parvati
Alagammai Beautiful
Alagarasi Queen of Beauty
AlaguMani Beautiful Gem
Alaiarasi Queen of Waves
Alaimagal Goddess of Wealth; Daughter of the Ocean
Alaimakal The Daughter of Waves
Amaidhini Peaceful and Sweet and Silent
Amanthika God
Amaravati Abode of the Eternal
Amirthine Sweet Spoken
Amirthini Add Meaning
Ananthini Gift
Anbumozhi Lovable Language; Lovable Words
Anbuvalli Kind; Love
Aninditha Virtuous; Venerated
Aninthika Immortal; Never Ending
Annamayil Swan Bird; Peacock
Annapurna Goddess Parvati; Generous with Food
Anuprabha Brightness
Anuragini Beloved
Anusheela Full of Goodness
Anuthaman Incomparable
Arachelvi Righteous Girl
Arivalagi Intelligent and Beautiful
Arivarasi Queen of Intelligence
Arivukani Knowledgeble
ArivuMani Intelligent Gem
Arthimani Love
Arulammal Blessed Girl
Arularasi Queen of Grace
ArulMaari Gracious Goddess Maari; Rain of Grace
ArulMarai Divine Word
Arulmozhi Parrot
Avanthika Princess; Princess of Ujjain; Ujjani Queen; River
Ayushmati Who has a Long Life; Eternal One; Blessed with Long Life
Aadalarasi Artistic
Aadarshini Idealistic
Aakaanksha Wish or Desire
Aakarshana Attraction
Aaraadhana Worship; Prayer
Aashalatha Creeper of Hope
Abarajitha Roar
Abhilaasha Wish; Desire
Adharshana Idealistic
Aishwariya Wealth
AlaguMalar Beautiful Flower
AlaguMayil Beautiful Like a Peacock
AlaguValli Beautiful
Alai-Ezhil Add Meaning
Alankritha Decorated Lady; Beautiful Girl
Amaravathi River Name
Amizhthini Sweet
AmudhaMoli Who Speaks Sweet
Anandamayi Full of Joy
Annapoorna Goddess of Grains; Goddess Lakshmi
Annapurani Goddess Parvati
Antariksha Space; Sky
Anudeepthi Divine Light
Anupallavi Part of a Song
Arivazhagi Intelligent and Beautiful
Arivumalar Intelligent Flower
ArulChelvi Blessed Girl
Arulnangai Blessed Girl
Arulvadivu Full of Grace
Arundhathi Fidelity; Star; Unrestricted
Arutchelvi Blessed Girl
Avinashini Indestructible
Azhagammai Beautyful
Aghanashini Destroyer of Sins
Annalakshmi Who Bestows Grain
Arivuchudar Ray of Intelligence
Azhagumayil Beautiful Peacock
Aadhilakshmi Summer Sun
Adhmalakshmi Add Meaning
Akshaya-Devi Add Meaning
Angayarkanni Goddess Meenakshi; Unmarried Girl
Azhaguseetha Beautiful Girl
Amrutavauhini Carrier of Elixer
Ananthalakshmi Eternally Fortunate
Amirthavarshini Elixir of Rain; Love
Amrithavarshini The Rain