200 Tamil baby girl names with Sa

Best Tamil baby girl names with names starting with alphabet 'Sa' with meanings. This collection of baby girl names with pronunciation starting letter "Sa" would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil People, parents in search of Baby girl Names can find a useful collection of names in this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 200 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Sa'.

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Name Meaning
Sai Friend; Flower; Natural; Everywhere; The Loved One; Strong; God; Close Friend; Peacefulness Heart
Sada Pure One; Always; Form of Sarah; Princess; Shining Always
Sama Weather; Of a Peaceful Nature; Similarity; A Year
Sana Prayer; Resplendence; Brilliance; Mountain Top; Brightness; Radiance; Lasting Long; To Gaze; Look; Loud; Old; Majestic; Worship to Gaze or Look; Beauty
Sara Pure; Lady; Excellent; Form of Sarah; Queen; Abraham's Wife; Priceless; Inestimable; Solid; Precious; Best; Star; Happy; Beautiful; Princess
Saru Garland of Lotuses
Saya Close of Day; Shadow
Safia Chaste; Lion's Share; Pure; Best Friend; Untroubled; Purity; Feminine for Saif
Saifa Unknown Species; Not Known
Saina Princess; Reflection of Sai; Cute Princess
Saira Happy; Beautiful; Traveller; A Bird; Princess; The One that Always Prays
Sajni Beloved
Salma Layer; Peaceful; Safe; Whole; To be Safe; Beautiful Woman; Sweetheart
Sanvi Beauty; Goddess Laxmi; Goddess Durga; Fact
Sanya Beneficent; Fortunate; Splendid; Radiant; Born on Saturday; Narrator of the Koran; First Light of Sun
Sarah Princess; Lady; Woman of High Rank; Pure; Happy
Saroj Lotus
Saryu River Sharayu
Sashi Talented; Moon
Sathu Soft Mind
Saanvi Rainbow; Goddess Lakshmi
Sabiha Beautiful; Graceful; Forenoon
Sabina Catlike; Form of Sabine; Of Ancient Italian Culture; Woman from the Sabine Tribe; Beautiful
Sadhna Worship
Sadhvi Virtuous Woman; Simplicity
Saesha With Great Desire and Wish
Safiya Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best Friend; Clear-minded; Tranquil; Pure Child
Sagari River; Of the Ocean
Saguna Calm; Possessed of Good Qualities
Sahaja Natural; Original; Innate; Normal
Sahana A Raga; Patience; Strength; Goddess Lakshmi
Saheli Friend; Beloved
Sahila Guide
Sahira Mountain; Natural
Saisha Truth of Life; Jewel
Sajani Loving; Well Loved; Night
Sakina Friend; Tranquillity Calm; Devout; God-inspired Peace of Mind; Peaceful; She was a Narrator of Hadith
Sakshi Witness; Justice; Proof; Cute Princess; Loved by Everyone; Grace; Purity; Pluck; Witness Truth; Queen; Princess; Real; Truth
Sakthi Power; Goddess
Salena The Moon
Salini With a Fixed Abode; Settled
Saloni Beautiful; Smart; Innovative; Stunning; Lovely; Talented; Graceful
Samara Guarded; Watch Mountain; Result; Reward; Outlook; Seedling; Mountain Lookout; Guardian or Protected by God; Elm Seed
Samiha Wish; Magnanimous; Desire
Samika Peaceful
Samina Happy; Flower; Healthy; Fertile Land without Rock and Stone
Samira A Chameli Flower; Pleasant Community; Evening Conversationalist; Friend of the Night; Gust of Wind; Cool Breeze; One who Reconciles; A Chame
Samita Collection of Knowledge; Collected
Samiya Incomparable; A Celestial Dancer
Sanaya Eminent; Distinguished; Silk
Sandhi Compact; Promise
Sandya Sunset Time; Name of a God
Sanjna Well Known; Wife of Sun; Scholar; Adventurer; Super
Santhi Peace; Enjoy
Sanura Kitten
Sarada Goddess Saraswati
Sarala Straight; Honest; Simple; Straight Forward
Sarani Protecting
Sarasu Swan; Inteligent
Sarayu A Holy River in Ayodhya; Goddess Lakshmi; Wind
Sariga Realy Smart
Sarika The Brave Princess; A Parrot; Princess; Koel; Cuckoo; A Thing of Beauty; Nature; A Bird
Sarita River; Princess; Lady; Durga Devi; Stream
Saroja Lotus; Born in a Lake
Sashti Goddess Durga; Lord Murugan
Sasika Moon; Clever
Sathya True
Saumya Polite; Soft; Mild; Gentle; Delicate; Sensitive; Goddess Durga; Peaceful; Silent
Saveri With Saffron; A Ragini
Savini One who Prepares Soma; Nectar Giving; A River
Savita Moon; Sun
Sayuri Flower
Saahana Long Life
Saakshi Witness
Saaliha Good; Useful
Sabeena Beautiful; From the Name Sabine an Culture
Sabitha Sunshine
Sabrina From the Border; Sword Like; Name of the River Severn; Cactus Fruit; A Welsh River Name; From Cyprus; Princess; White Rose; Thorn
Sachika Lord Krishna's Flute; Kind
Sachita Consciousness
Sadhana Long Practice; Study; Fulfilment; Achievement; Goddess Durga
Sadhika Achiever; Simple
Sagneya Sweet
Sahasra A New Beginning; Thousand Times; Goddess Laxmi; Intelligent; Fullness of Mantra; The Whole Sum of the Name in the World (Type of the Name in the World 1008)
Sahitha Being Near; Patience
Sahitya Knowledge; Literature
Sailaja Lord Parvati; Daughter of Parvatha
Sakeena God-inspired Peace of Mind; Tranquillity; Devout
Saleema Safe; Healthy; Mild
Sameeha All Good; Generous
Sameena Happy; Fatty; Plump; Clean
Sameera Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Fair Lady; Wind
Samhita A Vedic Composition; Vedic Om Position; God
Samidha An Offering for a Sacred Fire
Samitha Beautiful Smile; Luck
Samrita Provided with Nectar
Samyama Patience; Quiet; Peaceful
Sananda Look; Happy
Sandana Moon; Fragrance; Redolence
Sandhya Evening; Precious Mind; Twilight; Dusk; Perfection Beatifull; Evening Time
Sandika Vibrant; Beautiful
Sangavi Goddess Paarvati
Sangita Musical; Music; Goddess of Music and Knowledge
Sanjala Companion
Sanjana Gentle; Peaceful Nature; Beautiful; Gentle in Harmony
Sanjaya Triumphant; Happy
Sanjita Triumphant
Sanjula Beautiful
Sankari Goddess Parvati
Sankavi Name of a God
Sanmati Noble Minded
Sansita Praise
Santhya Sunlight
Santosh Satisfaction; Happiness
Sanvika Goddess Lakshmi
Saparna Leafy
Sarangi A Ragini; Goddess Saraswati
Saranya Defender; Surrendered; Goddess Durga
Saratha The God Saraswathi Devi
Saridha Goddess of Learning; Bird; Arrow
Sarisha Charming
Saritha Name of a River; Love Birds; River
Sarjana Creation
Sarmila Shy; Happy; Modest
Saroopa Beautiful
Sarvani The All; Goddess Durga; Universal; Complete; Born in the Month of Shravan
Sarvika Universal
Sashana Happy; Radiance; Prosperity; Lustrous; Goddess Lakshmi / Durga
Sashini Moon
Sasmita Smiling
Sastika Add Meaning
Sathana Very Sweet
Sathyai Goddess Amman
Savitha Sunlight; Sun; Bright
Savitri A River; Goddess Saraswati
Saahithi Poem; Literature
Saanjana Goddess Parvati
Saarunya Foll Moon
Saatvika Calm
Sagarika Ocean; Related to Sea; Wave; Born in the Ocean; Beautiful; Goddess Durga
Saharika Helper
Samantha Listener; Flower; Told by God; Beautiful Flower; God Heard
Sambhavi Everything Possible to her; Goddess Durga
Samikksa Review
Samiksha Analysis; Overview Research; Nearby
Samithra Good Friend
Sampriti Attachment
Samrithi Prosperity; Goddess Laxmi; Meeting
Samrudhi Prosperity; Goddess Laxmi
Samudhra Ocean
Samyukta Goddess Durga
Sanchaya Collection
Sanchita Collection; Savings
Sandesha Message
Sandhana Worship; Hard Practice
Sandhaya Collection
Sangeeta Musical; Music
Sangeeth Musical
Sanghavi Goddess Lakshmi
Saniksha Peace
Sanjitha Triumphant; Flute
Sanjivni Immortality
Sanjukta Wife of King Prithviraj; Union
Sankavai Organize
Sannitha God's Presence
Sanyukta Union
Sarakshi Good Sight
Saraniya Calm
Sarojini Lotus
Sarwayai Goddess Amman
Sashrika Goddess Durga
Sashvina Add Meaning
Sasidevi Moon
Sasikala Moon Light
Sathvika Peaceful
Saujanya Kind
Savithri Daughter of the Ocean
Saijayani Personification of Victory; A Name for Shirdi Sai Baba
Sakuntala Bird; Goddess
Sampoorna Complete
Samruddhi Prosperity; Prosper
Samvrutha Add Meaning
Samyuktha United; Goddess Devi
Sanchanaa Sharp
Sangeetha Sweet Music; Music
Sanjeetha The Beauty of Music
Sanjuktha Add Meaning
Sankeerna Preety; Beautiful
Santhoshi Happiness; Happy Girl
Sanwariya Satisfaction
Sarasvati A Goddess of Learning
Saraswati Goddess of Learning; Goddess of Wisdom
Sarvachna Goddess Amman
Sarvagjna Goddess Durga
Sarwanyai Goddess Amman
Sashvitha God
Sasirekha One who Brings Good Fortune for Everyone
Sasmithaa Goddess Saraswati
Sathiyash True
Saimythuli One of the God Name
Sakunthala Kind; Friend
Sanjeevani Immortality
Saraswathi Goddess of Knowledge
Sarvavidya Having All Knowledge; Omniscience
Sashneetha Name of Durga
Satyapriya Goddess Durga
Sanjeevitha Beauty
Saranyadevi Truth; Simple
Sathyapriya Truth Loving
Sarviniswari Beauty; Lovely
Samundeeswari Complete; Total