Pushya nakshatra baby names

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Poosam star Characteristics

Educated, talented and more trust in god. High confidet and livea a luxury life. After 35 age you will have improvement in your life. Lazy person, will do recycling or iron related business. You job will be related to hard working. You will get success in all the taken tasks however the task is tougher. Poosam star person who are born 4th phase will have adamant and fighting qualities. Some people may more short-tempered person.

Star’s Zodiac signCancer
Star’s Ruling lordSaturn
Star’s DeitySastha
Star’s Goddess of fortune Lord Shiva
Star’s Level Full Star
Star’s Nature Godly Group
Star’s Animal Male Goat

Heemakar (హీమాకర)

Big as mountain ; Mountain ranger


Heemal (హిమాల)

Ice; Snow mountain


Heer (హీర)

Powerful ; Power; Diamond ; Darkness


Heeram (హీరామ)

It's biblical name


Heeran (హిరణ)

Lord of the diamonds; Immortal


Heerva (హిరవా)

One of the four Vedas; Blessing


Heetraj (హితరాజ)

Best wishing; Lovely Raja


Hemakesh (హేమాకేశ)

Lord Shiva ; Golden haired; Shiva


Hemang (హేమాంగ)

One with shining body


Hemansh (హేమాంశ)

Hemaansh = a part of a gold


Hemant (హేమంత)

Gold or Lord Buddha ; Early winter


Hemanth (హేమంత)

Gold or Lord Buddha ; Early winter


Hemantha (హేమాన్థా)

One of the six seasons


Hemen (హేమన)

The king of gold


Hemil (హేమిల)

Hem means gold


Hemish (హేమిశ)

Lord of the earth


Hemkar (హేమకర)

Lord of Wealth ; Lord Shiva / Vishnu


Hemkesh (హేమకేశ)

Lord Shiva ; Golden haired; Shiva


Hemnath (హేమనాథ)

Gold or Lord Buddha ; Early winter


Herak (హేరక)

The glory of Hera; Divine glory


Heramb (హేరంబ)

An erudite; Respected and calm person


Heramba (హేరంబా)

Mother's beloved son ; Boastful; Name of Ganapati


Herish (హేరిశ)

Lord Shiva ; Lord Krishna ; The person who feels that what he is doing is God's wish


Herit (హేరీత)

Beautiful algonquin


Hetansh (హేతాంశ)

Rising Sun ; Well wisher


Hetarth (హేతార్థ)

Distribute love ; A Well wisher


Hetav (హేతవ)

Gives Love


Hetsya (హేతస్య)

Honesty; Sacrifice; Admirer


Heyansh (హేయాంశ)

Heart Piece; Part of Lord Shiva


Homesh (హోమేశ)

The God of Havan


Hunar (హునర)

Good qualities