Revathi nakshatra baby names

Baby names strating with letter Do, De, Cha, Chi.

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Revathi star Characteristics

நல்ல சுபாவம் உடையவர்களும், பணக்காரர்களும் ஆவர். நியாயமான வழியில் பணம் சம்பாதிப்பர். சகஜமாக பழகுவர். உதவி புரியும் குணமுடையவர்கள். மனைவி/ கணவன் மீது அன்புடையவர். பெரியவர்களை மதிப்பர். உயர் சிந்தனை உடையவர்கள். நீதி, நேர்மையுடனும், எதிரிகளைவெல்லும் தைரியமும் உடையவர்கள். எப்போதும் சிந்தனையுடனே இருப்பர். A good characterized and wealthier person. Earn Your money in legal ways. You are friendly person and have helping tendency. You will love your husband / wife and give respect to elders. A self pride person and some are selfish person. Have the courage to defeat enemies and show interest in education and arts. Always you will have some thinking. In general you are brave and courageous.

Star’s Zodiac signPisces
Star’s Ruling lordMercury
Star’s DeityLord Vishnu
Star’s Goddess of fortune Lord Aranga nathan
Star’s LevelFull Star
Star’s Nature Godly Group
Star’s Animal Female Elephant

Chaah (చాహ)

Love ; Pit; Fondness; Fancy; Wish ; Longing; Desired

Chaanakya (చాణక్య)

Son of Chanak; Renowned Mauryan writer and politician; Author of the Arthashastra

Chaand (చాంద)

Sincere wish ; The Moon ; To shine

Chaaran (చారన)

Feet; One who chants praises; Bard

Chaaru (చారు)

Preety; Pleasant ; Beautiful ; Loved; Cherished

Chaayan (ఛాయన)

Moon ; Collection

Chahit (చాహిత)

Love of Heart

Chaidya (చైద్య)

Wise ; Ruler; King of Chedi

Chaitan (చైతన)

Consciousness ; Perception; Intelligence ; Vigour; Life

Chaitanya (చైతన్య)

Life ; Knowledge ; Sage ; Soul ; Intellect ; Intelligence

Chaithan (చైథాన)

Consciousness ; Perception; Intelligence ; Vigour; Life

Chaithanya (చైతన్యా)

Life ; Knowledge ; Sage ; Soul ; Intellect ; Intelligence

Chaitnya (చైతన్య)

Divine radiance; Consciousness ; Life ; Knowledge

Chaitya (చైత్య)

Place of worship ; Of the mind ; Spirit; A stupa

Chak (చక)

Brilliant ; Happy ; Sated

Chakor (చకోర)

A bird enamored of the Moon

Chakra (చక్ర)

A weapon of Lord Vishnu ; Circular

Chakradev (చక్రదేవ)

Lord Vishnu , Lord of Chakra, i.e. discus, Name of Vishnu

Chakradhar (చక్రాధార)

Lord Vishnu , The one who bears the Chakra

Chakresh (చక్రేశ)

Name of Lord Vishnu

Chakrik (చక్రిక)

One with a discus

Chakrin (చక్రిన)

One with a discus; Anthor name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva

Chakshas (చక్షస)

Sight ; Look; Guide; Vision; Brilliance; Another name for Brihaspati; The teacher of Gods

Chaman (చమన)

Flower Garden

Chanak (చనక)

The sweet sound of bangles; Miner; Digger; Mouse

Chanakya (చాణక్య)

Renowned Mauryan writer and politician; Author of the Arthashastra; Name of Kautilya, The great scholar

Chanchal (చంచల)

Restless ; Active; Agile; Mischievous; Lively

Chanchaladwala (చంచలాదవాలా)

Glittering tail suspended above the head

Chand (చాంద)

Sincere wish ; The Moon ; To shine

Chandak (చందక)

Brilliant ; The Moon

Chandan (చందన)

Sandalwood ; Auspicious ; Perfumed

Chanderbhan (చందరభాన)

Chander means Moon , Bhan means the Sun both meaning is energetic and peace nature