Sathabisham nakshatra baby names

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Sathayam star Characteristics

தர்ம சிந்தனை, செல்லம் மிக்கவர்கள், புத்திசாலிதனமும் மிக்கவர்கள். பகைவர்களை வென்று வெற்றி காண்பீர்கள். வெளிப்படையாக பேசக்கூடியவர்கள். பிறரை புரிந்துகொள்ளும் திறன் குறைவாகவே இருக்கும். சிலர் முன் கோபப்படுவார்கள். A helping minded, wealthier and talented person. Will defeat enemies and get success. Open minded true persons are respected by others. Understands less. You are hard Working and are talented in completing the taken tasks successfully. Some are of short temper. Those who are born in 2nd phase will not have helping tendency and you will cheat others.

Star’s Zodiac signAquarius
Star’s Ruling lordSnake’s Head (Raghu)
Star’s DeityDurga
Star’s Goddess of fortune Lord Shiva
Star’s LevelFull Star
Star’s Nature Demonic Group
Star’s Animal Female Horse

Gobhil (గోభిల)

A Sanskrit scholar

Gobind (గోబింద)

Cowherd, Lord Krishna

Gogan (గోగన)

A multitude of rays, Many rays

Gogula (గోగులా)

Lord Krishna ; The Lord of serpents

Gokul (గోకుల)

A place where Lord Krishna was brought up

Gomantak (గోమాంతక)

Land similar to paradise ; Fertile soil & good waters

Gopal (గోపాల)

Cowherd, Another name of Lord Krishna

Gopesh (గోపేశ)

Lord Krishna , King of Gopis

Gopinath (గోపీనాథ)

King of the world ; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna or cowherd

Gopinathan (గోపీనాథన)

God of Gopi girls, Another name of Lord Krishna

Goraksh (గోరక్ష)

Lord Shiva ; A cow keeper; An epithet of Shiva ; Name of a medicinal plant

Goral (గోరల)

Lovable ; Charming

Gorank (గోరంక)

Bright / Fair Faced

Gorav (గోరవ)

Honor; Pride ; Respect ; Glory ; Dignity

Goshant (గోశాంత)

Variation to shanti meaning peacefulness

Gotam (గోతమ)

Lord Buddha ; Remover of darkness; Full of life ; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens

Gourab (గౌరబ)

Honor; Pride ; Respect ; Glory ; Dignity

Gouransh (గౌరాంశ)

A part of Gauri parwati

Gourav (గోంరవ)

Honor; Pride ; Respect ; Glory ; Dignity

Gourishankar (గౌరీశంకర)

The peak of the Himalayas, Mt Everest

Goutham (గౌతమ)

Lord Buddha ; Remover of darkness; Full of life ; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens

Gouthum (గౌథుమ)

Remover of darkness

Govardhan (గోవర్ధన)

Name of a mountain in Gokul

Govind (గోవింద)

Cowherd, Lord Krishna

Govinda (గోవిందా)

Lord Krishna ; Gaom+vindati; One who has knowledge of sense and is the illuminator of senses can also be translated as one who makes cowherd boys Happy

Govindaraj (గోవిన్దరాజ)

Lord Vishnu ; King of herdsmen

Gowshik (గౌశిక)

The perfect ; Freedom ; Happiness life of journey

Gowtham (గౌతమ)

Lord Buddha ; Remover of darkness; Name of Buddha ; One of the seven Rishis


Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed, Name of the Goddess Lakshmi


Enchanting, Protected by God, Guardian (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor), A compagnion in the converations led at night


Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Night