Scandinavian Baby Names starting with letter 'J'

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Scandinavian baby names with alphabet J.

Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Jaap M Supplanter Dutch
Jakob M Supplanter German
Janna F God is gracious Danish
Jarl M Nobleman Old Norse
Jensine F God is gracious Latin
Jeremias M God will uplift German
Jeroen M Holy Dutch
Jette F A deep or glossy black Scandinavian
Joakim M God shall establish Hebrew
Johanna F God is gracious German
Johannes M God is gracious German
Jonna F God is gracious Danish
Joost M Lawful or just Dutch
Jordaan M To flow down or desend Dutch
Jorgen M Farmer Danish
Jorn M Farmer Danish
Josef M God will add German
Josefa F God will add Spanish
Jozua M God is salvation Dutch
Jutka F He will be praised Dutch