Scandinavian Baby Names starting with letter 'M'

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Scandinavian baby names with alphabet M.

Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Maarten M War like Dutch
Magni M Mighty Old Norse
Magnus M Great Latin
Margareta F Pearl Scandinavian
Margarethe F Pearl Danish
Margit F Pearl Scandinavian
Marit F Pearl Norwegian
Marta F Pearl Danish
Marten M War like Swedish
Matheu M Gift of God Dutch
Mathias M Gift of God Greek
Matilda F Mighty battle maiden German
Matilde F Mighty battle maiden Danish
Matteus M Gift from God Swedish
Maurids M Moorish Scandinavian
Maurits M Moorish Scandinavian
Metta F Pearl Danish
Michiel M Who is like God Dutch
Mikael M Who is like God Swedish
Mikel M Who is like God Swedish
Mikkel M Who is like God Scandinavian
Mina F Love German
Mogens M Great Danish
Monika F Solitary Greek
Morten M War like Norwegian