Scandinavian Baby Names starting with letter 'S'

Name your child with the best names in the country. The list consists Scandinavian Baby names, with popular names list starting with letter 'S'. An alphabetical name list for Scandinavian baby names. lets you find names beginning with the letters that you specify in the name search field (Best Scandinavian baby names). Use the 'gender' filters if you want the resulting baby names for your baby girl or baby boy.Find more Scandinavian baby names using related names block or use search and find names in the results using 'Scandinavian names' as the keyword.

Scandinavian baby names with alphabet S.

Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Sanna F Truth Scandinavian
Sibella F Prophetess Greek
Sibilla F Prophetess Greek
Sibylla F Prophetess Greek
Sigmund M Victorious protector Old Norse
Sigrid F Beautiful victory Old Norse
Sigurd M Guard of victory Old Norse
Silja F Blind Finnish
Sjurd M Guard of victory Norwegian
Solveig F House of strength Norwegian
Sonja F Wisdom Scandinavian
Sonje F Wisdom Scandinavian
Soren M Thunder Danish
Staaf M Staf of the Goths Dutch
Steen M Stone Danish
Stein M Stone German
Steinar M Stone warrior Old Norse
Sten M Stone Swedish
Stian M Wanderer Norwegian
Stig M Wanderer Swedish
Sunniva F Gift of the sun Scandinavian
Susanna F Lily Hebrew
Svanhild F Battle swan Scandinavian
Svein M Youth Norwegian
Sveinn M Youth Old Norse
Sven M Youth Norwegian
Svend M Youth Old Norse
Synnove F Gift of the sun Swedish