Sravana nakshatra baby names

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Thiruvonam star Characteristics

You are educated and talented person having interest in astrology, maths and music.Gets a good life partner. Interest in devotion, respect others and have helping tendency. Thiruvonam born persons are talented in business, have interest in social activities. Have much influence, good posts, fame, etc. In general you are sweet to mingle with. You will be happier with your relatives and friends. You will have confusions.

Star’s Zodiac signCapricorn
Star’s Ruling lordMoon
Star’s Deity Lord Vishnu
Star’s Goddess of fortuneParvathi
Star’s Level Full Star
Star’s Nature Godly Group
Star’s Animal Female Monkey

Jeena (జీనా)

To live; Lord Vishnu

Jeet (జీత)

Mastery; Victory ; Success ; Win

Jeeta (జీతా)

Invincible; Unconquerable

Jeev (జీవ)

Alive; Living being; Existing; Soul

Jeevaj (జీవజ)

Full of life ; Born; Living

Jeevan (జీవన)

Life ; Life -giving; Bringer of life

Jeevansh (జీవనశ)

Jeev ka Ansh (Part of living being)

Jeevant (జీవంత)

Medicine; Alive; Long-lived

Jeevesh (జీవేశ)

God; Courageous

Jeevith (జీవిత)

Living for ever

Jenil (జేనీల)

Victorious God Swaminarayan; Victory of blue

Jenish (జేనీశ)

God's gracious butterfly

Jeram (జేరామ)

Brother of Gertrude

Jershon (జేరశాన)

Intelligence ; Creativity

Jesh (జేశ)

God is salvation

Jeval (జేవల)

Life giving; Full of life

Jevan (జేవాన)

Life ; Life -giving; Bringer of life

Jevesh (జేవేశ)

God; Courageous

Jevik (జేవీక)

Source of life

Jeyandran (జేయాన్ద్రణ)

God Indra ; Jeya means Victory ; Indra is God

Jeyaram (జయరామ)

Victory of lord Ram

Jogendra (జోగేన్ద్ర)

Lord Jagannath and Lord Indra ; Lord Shiva

Jogesh (జోగేశ)

Lord Shiva , An epithet of Shiva ; Lord of Yogis

Jogindra (జోగింద్ర)

Lord Jagannath and Lord Indra ; Lord Shiva

Jograj (జోగరాజ)

Lord Krishna ; Lord of ascetics

Jokith (జోకిత)

God; Lord Krishna

Joshana (జోశనా)

Like a happiness

Joshi (జోశీ)

Lord Vishnu ; Light bringer or reflect light like Sun

Joshila (జోశీలా)

Filled with enthusiasm

Joshit (జోషిత)

Pleased ; Delighted

Joshith (జోషిత)

Pleased ; Delighted

Jothiraj (జోతిరాజ)

King of light ; Fire