Tamil baby girl names with Da

Tamil baby girl names with starting alphabet 'Da' with meanings. This collection of baby girl names with pronunciation starting letter "Da" would be very useful for naming Your girl kids. Save and print Free. Tamil parents in search of Baby girl Names can find the best collection of names from this website tamilgod.org - lists complete collection of modern, unique, rare, meaningful and cute Tamil Baby Names with meanings. In this page we have listed a total of 40 baby girl names with the name starting letter -'Da'.

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Name Meaning
Daa God; Morning Star
Dahi Curd; Beautiful
Dana God is My Judge; A Dane; Judge; Arbiter; Mother of the Gods in Myths; From Denmark; Old English
Danu Goddess Earth; Wife of Sage Kashyap; Sweetest; Noisy; High Pitched; Swift Flowing; A Star
Daya Kindness; Mercy; Pity
Daevi Goddess; The Diety
Danam Wealth; Cash
Daria Wealthy; Rich; Nugget of Wisdom; Maintain Well; Possess; Good; Possesses a Lot; Female Version of Dariu / Darius
Dakini Witch
Daksha The Earth; The Skilled One; Sati - Wife of Lord Shiva; Earth
Dakshi The Glorious
Dalila Gentle; Delicate; Gentleness is her Soul; Lovelorn; Seductive
Damini Lightning
Daneen Princess
Danika Morning Star; God is My Judge
Danita God is My Judge; Feminine Variant of Daniel
Darika Maiden
Darshi Vision; Moonlight; See; Lord Krishna; Princess
Davina Beloved; Feminine Form of David; Loved One; Little; Deer; Favourite; Darling; Friend; God
Dayita Beloved
Daanika Morning Star
Daevika Minor Deity; Goddess
Danutra Talented
Darpana A Mirror
Darsani Worth Looking at; Another Name for Goddess Durga
Darshna Worth of Seeing; Pray to God
Darshni The One who Blesses
Dakshata Skill
Dakshina A Donation to God or Priest
Dakshita Beautiful; Fully Skill Person
Damyanti Beautiful
Darshana Vision; Seeing
Darshani Worth Looking at
Darshika Viewer; Intelligent
Darshini One who Blesses; Lord Krishna
Darshita Sight; Seen; Vision; Display; Good Morning
Dayanita Tender
Dakshinya Goddess Parvathi; Modesty
Dakshitha Skill
Damayanti Lotus Flower; Pretty Dove
Darshwana Pure of Heart
Dayashree Masterful Teacher
Dakshayani Goddess Parvati; The Daughter of Daksha; Goddess Durga; Wife of Shiva